Langkawi trip with the big, big family

After the devastating so-called reshuffling meeting between the Medical Officers and the hospital director,all I needed was a vacation. A planned vacation that is. And so the big, big Tayib family went to Langkawi.

We booked our ticket with Mas Airlines. Saving tons of money for good services at a budget price through the group booking facilities. It allows bookings up to 9 people at one time. And we were a party of 14 people. We even had a private mini bus to shuttle us from Malacca to KLIA. [price : MYR 250 for a 15 seater bus]

It was uh-mazing as to the gems we discovered through Mudah.Com. Mr Husband was the key person in organizing the trip and he managed to secure a package which includes 2 homestay houses (3 rooms each) + 2 rental cars for 4 days 3 nights worth MYR 1,600. Kaching!! Despite the location being a tad further away from the tourist spots, it was worth every penny. After all, we did have a car.

D'padi Homestay in Langkawi. Near Makam Purba.

D’padi Homestay in Langkawi. Near Makam Purba.

Our group consists of babies and elderly members, so naturally the activites had to kind of cater to everyones abilities and stamina. Though, shopping seems to be a universal appeal towards all age groups. In short, we managed to do these things;

  • Island hopping : walked through the Bat cave, eagle & dolphin sighting, went to the fish market and learnt a bit about fishes et cetera
  • Strolled along the shops of Pantai chenang. Had dinner at an arab seafood place. yucky food and services though.
  • Cable car
  • Underwater World
  • last but not least.. shopped until we drop at Haji Ismail Group store till we dropped. We bought chocolates, cookware, fine porcelain and china, new luggages.

All in all.. I felt the trip was a success. Here are just bits and pieces of the beautiful creatures and scenes throughout our trip in Langkawi. Next time, Terengganu!!



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