Phnom Penh : Part 1 – Getting There

Phnom Penh-001

The earliest blessing of this year came in the form of free flights to Cambodia. The very country that Angelina Jolie fell in love with during the filming of Lara Croft: The Tomb Rider.

Mr Husband and I chose Cambodia because;

  1. We were intrigued by the story behind the pol pot regime who executed their own kind whom they find ‘threatening’ in their own stance; literates, doctorates, those wearing glasses or even those with soft hands!!
  2. Things are cheap from accommodation, food and souvenirs
  3. It takes less than 2 hours to get there on the plane – hence scoring extra brownie points considering we’re hauling Baby Zeeq as well

On that note, every aspect of our itinerary had to revolve around our son. We have come to accept that even if we could backpack across Cambodia, it was just not possible doing that with a little person in diapers around. This also means we have to plan our mode of transport and mealtimes and such.

This was our first attempt alone with baby on a trip overseas, so we were pretty excited in making it work for both of us and baby.

Royal Mekong Boutique Hotel

Cost : $- ( I dont remember.. husband paid for it)



Located quite central in the bustling little city of Phnom Penh, this cosy boutique hotel caters children as well. It boasts of tremendous Cambodian hospitality, always longing to please and willing to go the extra mile to make their clients feel at home.

It has the added bonus of a bath tub in our deluxe room which is a rare commodity even in Malaysia itself. The room was spacious and the decor was simple and emits a Khmer aura to it.

I wouldn’t think twice of staying at the hotel again. It will always be a yes from me.

Our first night was spent well in the comfort of the room. Exhausted from the trip, we deferred the idea of exploring the night scene on that day. The concierge was informed to arrange our transport for sight seeing the next 2 days –

the TUK TUK.


Cost : $ 53.00

Phnom Penh1-001

We hired our personal Tuk Tuk to drive us around for the next 2 days. This was an 830AM – 5PM arrangement and we were free to use his services to anywhere within Phnom Penh.

Other Cambodia notes;


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