Phnom Penh : Part 3 – Where To Go

We were told that we could finish sight seeing Phnom Penh in one day.

However, we decided to spilt it up in two days as we were carrying baby. Baby is The Little Prince. He may be in Cambodia or London, but once he needs his nap or go for No 2 – the world stops till his business is done. We hired a personal Tuk Tuk driver to bring us around for the 2 days.

Day 1 (Outside The City)

1. Choeung Ek Genocidal Center

Get the audio and spend at least an hour to fully immerse yourself in the history of the area. It was gruesome. The audio narrated the whole incident clearly with details not found in books or television documentaries. There were excerpts of peoples experiences, daunting instrumental music and such.

Phnom Penh7-001

2. Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

I was not too keen on this place but Mr Husband was sprawling all over the area taking pictures and scutinizing every single photo/graphic images. I did not bring baby inside the building and remain outdoors fearing that he will get a night mare and such. You know how it is with kids and spirits. Yah.. I can be superstitious at times. Thankfully, baby did not say he saw a ‘kakak‘ or ‘momok‘ or ‘nenek’ during trips to these torture areas.


3. Psar Toul Tom Poung 

Also known as the Russian Market. We informed the tuk tuk driver that we’ll be in the market for at least 2 hours. And indeed we spent just enough time to buy stuff for the people at home. I had always wanted to get some fabric to sew my baju kurung for Eid and managed to get a good price for them.

Im thinking of making 2 pairs of baju kurung Pahang off them. The rest of the fabric? Mostly to give away. I ‘borong’ some scarves – for my own use and for my ‘parcel kasih sayang’  to my ladies later. Mr Husband spent more on purses and magnets and nail clippers and such. Of course,I benefitted from his shopping spree as I too get to have 2 new purses. Yippeeee.

Expect the fabric to be sold between $8- $12 per 4 metres.

Phnom Penh8-001

Day 2 (within the city)

1. The Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda.

I searched high and low for an audio booth to make our rounds within the palace ground more interesting. Unfortunately there wasn’t one and no tourist guide was available on the spot in the area. At least the Royal Palace in South Korea had English descriptions outside each building.

So I had to be content with just appreciating the wonderful architecture of the place. Since I barely remembered what I  read about in books. I had wanted to know more about a particular quirky looking tree in the area.


Phnom Penh9-001

2. National Museum of Cambodia

Our Tuk Tuk driver was astonished that we finished touring the museum in 30 mins. It was just too much history in one day.

Still, a photo is a must. Just so we know we’ve been there.


3. Wat Phnom

This Buddhist temple was our last stop. It was very serene to just stroll in the park. However we had to cut our stroll short as we witnessed two ladies fighting with each other and the last thing we need is to be inconveniently there.

So, thats a wrap for Phnom Penh. Perhaps I should get started on writing about my Korea trip. Ha ha.


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