Krabi : Final Tips

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” –

Jawaharial Nehru


  1. It is worth to invest in waterproof beg, camera casing, underwear… you name it. Take this from a first time traveler to a beach setting with a toddler. Despite the care a Mother takes to not drop her diaper bag in the water, baby would just tip it at every chance he gets.
  2. Drink lots of water. In fact, drink bottled water. Boil the drinking water. I tried boiling H2O from the tap but urgh.. it was payau. Limestone flavour to it, I have to say.
  3. Haggle but do not bring down the price too low for the tour packages. Even though it did not happen to me, I have read of some tourists being given packed lunch as opposed to some who had a buffet lunch and they were on the same boat!!
  4. Even if you’re on a diet, enjoy the culinary adventure. You are most likely to burn off those extra calories on the next hike up the tiger temple steps.
  5. Be prepared to give a tip. When the lady-boys grab your arm for a picture, they are not doing that for free. They want you to part with your mullah.
  6. Wear comfortable shoes or well surfaced flip flops. Mine had thin soles and I felt I was braving the lava soil. I had terrible muscle cramps at the end of the trip.
  7. If you have small kids, bring a mini life jacket. The sizes they have on board does not fit and unless your child swims like a fish, its worth getting one if you’re thinking of another beach trip to someplace else. I got mine for Baby Zeeq at ToysR Us for MYR 19.
  8. Forget Facebook. Be in the now.
  9. If ever I go to Krabi again in the future, I would love to ; rent those scooters and roam around town, get proper massage from the parlour, and eat more pancakes!
  10.  Be in the holiday/travelling spirits. In other words, be happy, nice and open to new experiences. Its a norm to come across people of different nationalities when you’re on a holiday. They too are looking forward to having a good time and although they speak or dress differently from you, or in my case am a Muslim traveler… Id rather you not say nasty things about my hijab or my religion behind our backs (literally, the seat behind me). You’d be surprised that Mr Husband actually speaks and understand your foreign language eventhough its not English!


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