Medan 2014 : Istana Maimoon

Istana Maimoon has got to be the one and only tourist attraction we went to. The fun point of the visit was to play dress up and have our photos taken as the Sultan and Sultanah of long ago.


It was cheap thrill in a positive way. It costs a mere 10 000 IDR per person per costume and if we choose to have our photo printed out – it just costs another 10 000 IDR.

Total cost : a priceless 40 000 IDR ( = MYR10)

a very sulky and angry little prince


There was no entrance fee but we were encouraged to give some donation. Unlike temples or tourist sites in Cambodia, there was no donation box but we trust the nice, elderly man would keep the money for the good of the palace. In fact, he was like a human money exchange as he announced the value of our IDR donations in ringgit Malaysia.

” ini sumbangannya baru 5 ringgit bapak.. mau bagi lagi?’


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