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It’s nice to see that the culinary world has improved tremendously to cater for customers on special diet restrictions : vegetarian, vegan, kosher, Halal et cetera.. At the mention of Thailand among muslims, we would naturally go for food like tomyam, seafood, fried rice and stuff instead of where to get the best booze and things. Here’s a few of the places we get to experience during our 66 hours there. Sad to say, we didn’t get to taste Kesuma – a restaurant most Malaysians were raving about.

Arman Halal Restaurant


As mentioned previously, our hotel has its in-house restaurant that serves all main meals of the day and they open as early as 7AM. Our free included breakfast was an ala carte dish between an American breakfast, Continental or Southern Thai breakfast. Portion was humungous for my appetite. Food was lovely. Especially when they’re free.

Tandoori Restaurant at Bangla Road


This restaurant had a mix of Indian and Thai food. We opted for Thai cuisine with Hazeeq munching on a slice of Margarita pizza . We had a glimpse at the kitchen and saw that the cook is of Thai descent and yum yum.. the tomyam kung was delicious. Not too spicy but still leaves you that feeling of wanting more. Mr Husband had a seafood noodle platter which was equally nice.


In between, we had the popular banana pancake for snacks. The vendors are like everywhere. The roti is very crispy and full of calories!




The most famous stall was Islamtai Bangja. This was what most Malaysian bloggers recommended to which we did the same. I however  urge consumers to try the other new Halal stalls set up within the food court as well. For instance, Bismillah Cafe, Pad Thai Chayam and Mae-Mae. We only noticed their existence after we’ve ordered our meals. Mr Husband had white rice with seafood vegetable stir-fry mix. Mine was white rice with spicy chicken curry.



Well, there’s only one buffet restaurant in the area. The briyani was rich in spices and lots of protein to choose from. Don’t forget to taste the traditional Thai dessert – cincau in white syrup. Hazeeq was so full he had to lie down. Ha ha.




This wasn’t really a choice – it was more of a ‘lunch-included package’. In a way, it is good for the villagers as it provides them with some sort of income. Thankfully there was always something for everybody. Hazeeq enjoyed his fried chicken very much. The Upin Ipin style .


One could find almost anything at the market. We settled for its fried rice and grilled prawns. And trust me, that meal in the polysterene pack was actually for one person. Mr Husband and I had to share.



Our mini culinary adventure went well. Now we have to burn back those extra calories on the threadmill. Huhu.


6 thoughts on “66 Hours in Phuket : Halal food

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  4. To be honest I dont know what its called.. they dont really have a signboard sayimg this is the weekend market. We just followed the flock of local people around.

    Yang penting.. halal food is available. I would say the variety is equally good. InsyaAllah you could detect a halal stall safely if the seller dons a hijab or has an ‘assalamualaikum’ written on the banner..


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