66 Hours in Phuket : We stayed at Arman Residence

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Arman Residence or sometimes known by locals as Aman Hotel boasts of being a Halal hotel. However, may I just remind you that Halal may not mean you have a Quran in your bedside drawer. Or Islamic housekeeping staff with niqab and all sorts. Halal here I think refers more to the cuisine it offers – which is good enough. At least I can have hot, freshly made sausages for breakfast at the hotel prior to my island hopping activities.


The taxi driver seems to have difficulties in trying to find Arman. Strange though, cause I have always thought that this is a ‘famous’ hotel among Muslims especially Muslim Malaysian bloggers. We should have just mentioned Arman is the hotel in front of Galaxy Club for future references. He he.

Arman has all the basic necessities on top of their in-house restaurant – a lovely,clean, quaint and adequately sized room which fits a king size bed, clean toilets, fast WIFI connection, air conditioning which has its bouts of ailments once in a while. We were contemplating on changing our rooms because of the latter. but then the AC miraculously behaved. I only had to ask 2 things from the reception ; The direction of the Qiblah and a mini kettle to boil my sons hot water.


The interior designs of the place however does have an eerie feeling to it. I understand its Thai concept but still… Some may call it art but to be honest, I was initially worried that a Thai ghost could walk out of the elevator any minute. There was one time I accidentally pushed the button for the wrong level. The lift opened to a totally empty and dark floor. It was yikes! creepy.. off-peak season, whadya expect right? Not many people were staying at the place. In fact, now… I couldn’t even recall bumping into any other guests there – not even during breakfast. *hyperventilating*

Considering the price we paid for the hotel – very budget I have to say, we were satisfied with the service and facilities available. The staff were extremely quick and helpful and excessively cheerful, their scrambled eggs tasted like home and they kept saying Hazeeq is a cute boy.

Would we stay there again for god- knows- when next Phuket trip? I would explore other options available – but have the Halal breakfast at Arman. Lol.


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