Yogyakarta Day 2

Day 2 was Free and Easy. We went to 2 places. This was on a Monday.

To be honest I think Taman Sari is officially closed for some official ceremony but the guy manning the place was more than willing to bring this family from Malaysia for a mini tour around the area. I say so because we did not buy any official ticket at an official booth nor did we have to get a camera pass like the ones they talk about in blogs.

Anyway, we were grateful for the personalized tour. Even if the guy lied about the history of the place we’d just swallow it whole like a kindie kid. In truth, he did not lie. Instead his face glows as he tells the story of the place.

Taman Sari is interesting and one could easily get lost within the many spiraling and small streets. This place was once a place for the sultan to rest and play. Now, the compound is inhabited by the locals who are helping to preserve the taman  for tourism purposes. So to get to the bath house you’ll have to pass through a housing lane and to get to the underground mosque you have to use the neighbours staircase.. things like that. A palace within the commoners. So don’t be a Scrooge and just pay for a tourist guide.

Yogyakarta-molioboro-taman sari

It’s a very smart and practical place to begin with. And they used a lot of natural influences in building and running the palace. For instance, the king has two beds in his room. One had running water underneath the ‘mattress planks’ for cold conditioning and if its gets to freezing temp, he’ll move to the other bed where there are hot ashes underneath the planks.

We wanted to continue with a visit to Kraton. But it was also closed for an official event. So we got on a beca and headed to Malioboro – a shopping destination.


Malaysians just like our Indonesian cousins are obsessed with clothes and batik and such.

We bought memorabilia items like T shirts and keychains. A few batik -like outfits for Hazeeq and his cousins as well. Mr Husband enjoyed haggling for the best price. So I let him do the talking.

We did not rush but once again it rained towards the later half of the day. This time no room service but Mr Husband bought kebabs and tidbits for supper.

Our Hotel ⌉  The 1-Day Tour Food & Ole-Ole ⌉


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