Yogyakarta : Food And Ole – Ole

To be honest, after the 2nd day I can’t palate another Indonesian dish. I was craving for spaghetti or something cheesy instead.

Mr Husband seems to love its food. He had Lontong, Kueytiew Ala cina, Nasi Daging and such. I could only stomach the Nasi Penyek whole heartedly as it was a familiar taste. The rest of the cuisine was just too spicy for my liking. We did however splurge on their snacks and brought back loads of interesting tidbits as ole-ole (souvenirs). You could try bringing back home its delicious brownies, their local chocolate confectionary branded as MONGGO, bakpia, fruit cake, kerepek pisang sale (pronounced as sah-ley), Good Day instant coffee and of course Indonesia’s pride.. teh kotak or teh botol.

I drank the teh kotak till I pee-d the clear colour of pure spring water. That’s how much I loved it.

Yogyakarta feb151



Overall, it was a pleasant and safe trip. We enjoyed it very much. We did not suffer from any food poisoning nor were we at the edge of getting mugged. We did however exceeded our hand luggage 7kg limit and had to ‘rearrange’ a few things in the bag.

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5 thoughts on “Yogyakarta : Food And Ole – Ole

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  4. Exceeding the “Hand Carry” limit seems to be a habit in Asia.

    I always have to check and weigh my Filipino GF’s baggage with my handheld scales before we leave for the airport. Hers is always over the limit so I simply transfer some of her things into my baggage.

    One thing that you might consider is not taking your hand carry baggage with you to the check in counter. I usually have Vicky stay away from the counter with our baggage and when asked if I have checked baggage I simply say “No”. In the rare instance that the agent replies, “Hand Carry only,” I simply reply “Yes”. Only once has an agent asked to see the baggage and then I just pointed to Vicky standing next to our bags sitting on the floor. The agent is not going to waste time having her drag the bags to the counter to be weighed.

    Also remember that the other person or persons traveling with you have to be in plain view of the ticket counter agent when you hand them your printed itinerary and the picture I.D.’s because the agent will generally ask, “And where is Mam Victoria?” Then I just point and she waves to the counter agent. He or she then assigns me our request seats (If available) and off we go. Nice and easy….no problems. Just be direct…maintain an authoritative tone…make eye contact…smile…and appear as though you do this everyday.


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