Crispy Battered Fish, Taman Lagenda Malacca

For the past 2 weeks, my little family have grown so accustomed to not being in a space physically together for not more than 6 hours a day (minus sleeping hours) that I find it a bit awkward to enjoy this free weekend. A weekend without wedding invitations, no family gatherings, no errands to run.. in short nothing major. Just the 3 of us in the house lazing around. I am not even post-call although I did have a terrible night shift. Instead of clocking out at midnight, I had to leave an hour late – driving under the moon back home.

After Fajr prayers, I slept in. I woke up horrified at 10 am to see Mr Husband and The Son return from the grandmother’s place fresh from breakfast and a shower. I battled through folding the piling fresh laundry only to realize I have another basket of dirty laundry to wash. It just never stops right…

Lunch – I decided – was to have it outside. I have no kudrat to cook. We chose a place very close to home. The Crispy Battered Fish at Taman Lagenda. 

Although it had no clear signage mentioning its Halal status and it’s Facebook page it seems were dominated by reviews in the chinese language, I was convinced it was Halal. Plus the management team did say that they attended a course in handling halal food – just the certificate has not been granted.

crispy batter

It was helpful to see its banner spelled out Selamat Datang in jawi. It was reassuring in a way to know they have no pork or lard on their premises. It was clear that the owner was a non muslim but I am happy that they took all necessary measures to ensure their Muslim customers feel safe to consume the food at Crispy Battered Fish.

The interior was posh and ‘deceiving’ – you know how some people are reluctant to enter a restaurant that looks too posh. But hey, if it makes you feel any better, the price range is pretty much like The Windmill Station in Bukit Beruang. So try relate to that.

This joint serves mainly fish with a side dish of either the buttered rice or french fries -which are air grilled. They also serve other Western dishes like spaghetti etc..

Mr Husband had the black pepper chicken chop with Iced Lemon Tea. I had the Grilled Dory with Mushroom and Cheese sauce with fries and broccoli. Hazeeq had the garlic bread and mushroom soup. I had the promo RM1 Iced honey green tea beverage.

crispy batter1

The total bill amounted to RM41.30. NO GST. No service tax.

I think this place is worth checking out especially when you’re craving for fish. The menu is children friendly and the space is gorgeous. They also take reservations for those coming in a big group. If only the drink-making counter could be more secluded. It just looked weird behind the cashier. Otherwise, there is plenty of free parking space at the area so you could enjoy your meal and socialize for hours there without worrying of getting a ticket.


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