KUCHING 2015 : A brief itinerary

This week should be a good time to catch up on the journal-ling of my trip to Kuching – my hometown. As this is a yearly trip, I decided to take advantage of my waran hence we traveled as a WPUA customer of #airasia. This means Hot Seats, Free 40 KG baggage each, free 20 KG sports equipment, hot meals with a snack box.

We stayed overnight at my parents house and left early the next morning to Putrajaya Sentral to leave our car there. The overnight parking at Putrajaya Sentral is so much cheaper than the ones they have at the airport. Of course, security is a concern but one just has to pray hard.

Then as usual we took the KL Transit Train and voila within 20 minutes we were already at KLIA2.

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Checking in was a breeze as a WPUA customer. The queue was shorter to begin with. Thankfully, there were no flight delays and the flight attendants were friendly and accommodating despite a full plane since Gawai is just around the corner – what else could I wish for.

I leave you with my itinerary. A brief account of what we did during our stay there. Its different when you travel to a city as a tourist/traveler as opposed to someone who originates from there. We look for different experiences and things. Perhaps you could at least get an idea of where to start.


More stories to come.


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