Taman Agro Tourism, Cameron Highland

We have been here a few years ago and the hills of Cameron Highlands, especially at the main entrance are still as dirty and messed up as ever. I wonder what other tourists  – overseas tourist – would think about it. Of course, it gets prettier and cleaner as one gets into the small city and visit the main attractions .. but wouldn’t it be more molek if the journey to is equally marvellous?

It could be due to the ongoing construction so who am I to judge …

It was a day trip to Cameron Highlands this time – so we paid a visit to Taman Agro. Also known as the Big Red Strawberry Farm. FREE entry fee. FREE clean squatting toilets.


Naturally we went there for the strawberry products. On top of taking gazillions of pictures with the flowers, cactus and even the hydroponic salads. There were a lot of people flocking the area as it was the school & Diwali holidays but we were not deterred. Nak makan jugak. 


Hazeeq posed endlessly. Mr Husband was also encouraging him along the way. Well, he too loves to pose. Mr Husband kept saying he is this unfound gem in the modelling world. Muntah pliss.

My mother-in-law bought some little cactus. 6 pots for RM10. Still selling at the same price we bought them few years ago.


We did not make time to visit the Boh Tea plantation. But we did make various stops to small retailers as we went downhill towards the hotel. We managed to buy some ubi keledek, Mutiara sweetcorn, cheaper strawberries, honey and tea in boxes.

I hope that the next time we set foot here, it will be cleaner and easier on the eyes. Insya-Allah.


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