Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh

I never liked waterparks. It feels odd having your clothes stick to you hippo body in public. No amount of joy could replace that embarrassing thought but I wouldn’t mind dipping in a private pool though. Still we went to Sunways Lost World of Tambun all the same, because it was a long weekend and Hazeeq’s mom is hating her job already and wants to go elsewhere. before she hates everybody as well.


We bought the tickets to Tambun online and got our tickets through a special booth. As expected, there was a bag check for outside food and drinks or any prohibited items. Perhaps you can save on the mineral water by bringing in the same bottled ones they sell for a freaking RM4.50 in the park – the one with the blue label and a mountain on it I think (i don’t remember the brand now)

the weather was lovely - the sky was blue and the mountain was ever so green

Tambun  is divided into a few smaller parks inside.

  • Amusement park – kind of like the one you see at funfairs. shoot to get a toy. merry go rounds and stuff.
  • Water park – where the slides and giant pelampungs are
  • Tiger Valley – we were too early for the tiger show so there was not much to see except the lazing tiger in its captivity
  • Tin Valley – pretty awesome for picture taking. lots of props and nice scenery
  • Adventure Park – rock climbing? go ahead
  • Petting Zoo – my sons favourite place. mine too.

At night, it is liven by its special Hot Springs and Spa. I daresay Tambun has something for everybody from the young to the elderly. My in laws enjoyed the stroll around the area. Loved the landscaping especially at the Tin Valley. Those mountains are just WOw! It makes me feel like wanting to go China and see the precipitous pillars in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park with my own eyes!

Here are some of our pictures;

at the Tin Valley, it's got lots of history along the walk - how it was back then, what the tin is used for..

merry go round tambun

i honestly wished i could put the snake around my neck.. ha ha

We finished the visit to Tambun in less than 3 hours. ha ha. That’s because we did not spend much time at the water park. Celup2 kaki. Even Hazeeq dipped only half of his buttocks in the kiddie pool. He loves his animals but hates the water I guess.


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