I married a Mommy’s boy


My son helped with the dishes today. I never really taught him how nor did I tell him that he should. Perhaps he saw his father doing it. Mr Husband is his Mommys boy. It was difficult to kind of digest that in the first few months of my marriage. He showered her with gifts. He never failed to hug his mom. He called her everyday when we were still working in Kuching.

Now he sees her everyday. Well.. partly because we send our son to his grandparents during daytime to help keep an eye on him. Mr Husband buys his mom a week supply of groceries every week without fail, cleans her house, paints the walls, fix the lights and helps out in whatever that needs doing. She would get to know the most important news (that matters) the first. And did I mentioned that when he does these things he would bring our son along?

Initially I felt left out. But now as we’re heading strong into our 7th year of marriage – I honestly can’t wait for him to do the weekly chores at his moms house. At least I have that few hours by myself to just do my own cleaning or cooking or just you know, journalling and playing with my stickers and washi tapes. Without his sometimes annoying grandiose mutterings in my ears. Or that curious peek from behind my shoulders. sibuk sgt tau. HAHAHAHAHA.

I would want a son like Mr Husband when I’m old. Lets start em gentleman grÔÔming  young shall we?

One thought on “I married a Mommy’s boy

  1. My hsband insists to send my first daughter to the daycare at his workplace, which is an hour driving from home. The thought of having my daughter to leave the house before sunrise and home after sunset scares me.

    But reading this. Ok. It maybe a good idea. Hee.


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