Election Day 2022

It’s voting time again. I had thought that we could go to Selangor as a family after my husband completed voting, and we hang out at the new IOI Putrajaya after lunch. But that did not happen. I went to my voting poll alone. Driving alone. Thankfully, I just serviced my car by calling a mechanic over to my house a few days before.

I used the POMEN app. Downloaded it through Google Play. Booked the service as early as 630am in the morning for a 2pm slot. He was done with my car in less than an hour and I got to do my house chores too. It costs me a bit more though, just over RM200. I wanted the tree-cutting service to come by too but the man in charge was not responsive. I mean, if I could cut down my own tree, I would have done it but I can’t because of the wires. Dasar jantanzzzz tak guna. Lol, tiber.

I drove from Melaka as early as 8am because it rained too heavily in the early hours. Reached the poll station by 10ish and completed the process in less than 30 minutes. Then, I went to visit my mom’s grave. Baca yassin, doa2 and left. I should do it more often – visiting the grave. It’s very healing. Should bring the kids too.

I set back to Melaka by 1230. The traffic was initially OK but then accidents happen. so to clear the area, there were emergency services and also the PLUS truck. You know that little parade they do when they line up 4 trucks in a row and slow down the traffic so that their team can clear the lanes from debris and all. By the time, I reached Melaka it was about 230pm and I wanted to get the Avocado drinks from MITC but hey, the store’s already shut down. I headed to Batu Berendam instead for the coconut shakes, fried snacks and my kid’s polka dot apam. It was a tiring day. I hope we, Malaysian citizens made the right choice.

DSAI is Malaysia’s 10th PM


He was once described by foreign media as a moderated Islamist.

Honestly, when it comes to being a Muslim, it is either being one or not. There is no liberal, moderate or extreme. That is a label concocted by the West. However, since it is difficult for them to understand the Muslim point of this, we will just have to be content with such labels for now. What differentiates one Muslim from another is how they individually choose to practice their religion. To each their own but they shouldn’t justify their shortfalls by championing liberalism. Orang kata pandai buat, pandai simpan – if you truly want to uphold the belief of it is between ‘me and Allah’. Do not put it on being modern and up-to-date. Islam is after all Syumul. Having said that, we should also refrain ourselves from judging another person, especially when it is based on 1 question. I would be very uncomfortable if someone suddenly asked me ‘do you support polygamy?: It is permissible in Islam and the answer is very delicate as opposed to a firm Yes or NO.

One of the things I am looking forward to with DSAI becoming our PM is his ministers in the cabinet. He said that it will be led by technocrats. In short, people who know what they are doing, are experts in those fields. DSAI is known to be a great orator – it would be great to see him give his speech on an international platform. It boosts Malaysian confidence you know especially when we go overseas.

The parliament will hold the first assembly I think sometime in mid-Dec. Malaysians will stay tuned.

Mat Kilau

I get why some people would get upset with the representation of some roles in the movie. Despite the villains are referred as ‘the british’ – the distinct ethnic appearance makes this doesnt sit well with some movie goers. Walaupun etnik tu kita anggap sbhgn daripada British. Ntahlah, kalau aku pun akan ada rasa sikit tak best.

So, since this is a fiction story as claimed by the producer/director – maknanya boleh diolah kan dari sejarah sebenar, might as well make all the askar omputih kot. Or from undefined ethnicity. I dunno. Maybe. Sbb Msia multiracial kan. It can be very painful to look at a piece of history (although true) through the current lense that we have in our country. Yang berbilang bangsa dan agama.

– source ; my own facebook

When Mat Kilau was first released, the first group of people who criticised the movie was historians and academicians. They deemed the version by Shamsul Yusof inaccurate to which he and very loyal fans rebutted the claim and said that it was a work of fiction. That the movie was inspired by the story of Mat Kilau. That it is not Mat Kilau’s biography.

Ok. Fair enough.

The movie continued to collect millions of RM and of course attracted more Malaysians to watch it and when we say Malaysians, that means those from various ethnicities. Later, issues with racism arise. While I do not think this is a racist movie, I do feel that the portrayal of villains could be better. As I said, it is painful to watch certain historical events unfold with the multicultural lens that we have now.

The movie kind of stirred an unsettling feeling among our friends who wear a turban. I get it. but Shamsul Yusof said that replacing the troops with those from a different ethnicity would alter history. The problem is you said that it was a work of fiction in the first place. Yang mana satu NIH? Imagine if someone from a non-Malay ethnicity decided to make a movie to ‘increase the self-esteem’ of their own race and depicted Malays as lazy – can you imagine the uproar caused by that? And it’s just a lazy trait which is true for almost every race, only in the movie it happened to be a Malay person. While it is not conflicting with the country’s guideline of ‘bannable’ movies, I am sure that ‘fact’ would not sit well with Malay movie-goers.

And now Mat Kilau is doing the same for our Sikh friends – our gentle warriors. Our friends who prepared vegetarian food to flood victims some time ago. Ingat? An ethnic group in our country who almost always minds their own business and hardly gaduh2 manja with the Malays.

Creating a historical movie in Malaysia is undeniably tricky. Especially when you want to put forward Mat Kilau, whose fight for justice happened before the times when there were things like hak keistimewaan orang Melayu and kontrak sosial. Perhaps this is where the movie producers need to be more creative or our citizens need to be more open to the idea. Tapi to be more open requires tolerance between ethnicities and to be tolerant requires a level of understanding that ‘this is what happened before. it was horrible but it was in the past.

The understanding must come from a standard formula. Anything standard must come from a certain body of authority. So, what is left? Schools. We do not have PLKN. Not everybody goes to BTN.

But our schools are not united. The children of different ethnicities do not mingle with each other unless they go to international schools, private schools or sekolah wawasan. Not many are interested to send their kids to Sekolah Kebangsaan anymore. Because some parents of different ethnicities, they want to maintain their identity and that could only be achieved at sekolah jenis. Understandable but with long-term consequences.

I cannot really predict how this Mat Kilau issue will unfold but I hope it will come to a favourable conclusion. A statement that will allay everybody’s anxiety.

Jangan kita buat orang atas nama seni boleh, tapi bila orang buat kita for the same reason, kita bising.

IU at Cannes Film Festival

Can I just say she looks gorgeous? So gentle and poised. She radiates class! Loved her outfit and the pieces of jewellery that came with it. Something unfortunate happened though. She was ‘shouldered’ by an influencer at the event – apparently a rising makeup artist? The act was caught on camera. I was curious and watched the video.

Source : allkpop.com

The clip, it showed the lady making her way through the crowd earnestly. Stomping with her heels, eyes forward towards someone. It was of course a festival packed with people. You would expect people to be squished together at a distance of less than 1 metre from each other. Knowing that, wouldn’t you be more careful as you make your way through the crowd. Wouldn’t you be muttering an ‘excuse me, thank you’..’can I pass through, thank you’ to the people around you. It was kind of obvious from the video that the influencer had no intention to be mindful of her actions. She just wants to bulldoze her way through the crowd to get to where she wants to be. So, the person she decides to shoulder could be anyone actually. It was just unfortunate that she did that to SK’s nation sister, IU.

one of the comments on the video wrote : IU be saying “welcome to hotel de luna”

Netizens were quick and eager to give her a scolding which resulted in an apology from this influencer. Konon insaf tapi sebenarnya tak kan. She offered to do IU’s makeup, yes? My advice to IU is NO, DON’T. She wouldn’t know how to accentuate your facial features well based on how she does her own makeup. You are not her target market.

Anyway, IU being IU – she probably forgave the lady.