The Big 30 … Mr Husband’s mini celebration

They say age is just a number. It better be ..


I was hoping to do something special for Mr Husbands big 30 but we were both swamped with work related activities. Him busy with his Masters-to-be programme – me with my God knows what stuff. The akreditasi questionnaires, pending medical reports, the respiratory update course .. to name a few.

So the best I could do was to buy these floating helium balloons which cost a freaking RM 10 each , a novel we could both read and bitch about, a yearly recycled birthday card and of course a birthday cake.

This time I bought his cake from King’s Confectionery for a change. It was a mistake. I should just stick with Italy Cake House products. They taste is way nicer, looks more exclusive and slightly cheaper despite the GST.


Balloons from Pembekal Belon (near Kip Mart Malacca), Suamiku Workaholic from Popular Bookstore (Tesco), Mocha Chocolate Cake from King’s Confectionery (Tesco)


Crowning myself as the wife of a Master’s student..

Apa yang Allah tak duga dengan Rezki, Allah duga dengan Masa.. 

.. at least that is what I have in mind. Alhamdulilah.. Mr Husband has received an informal offer by his respective university to pursue his studies in the Public Health Module. If everything goes well, he will start his semester soon and this will mean major daily life adjustments.

He will definitely miss our little dinosaur – more than myself, biasalah kan.. 

He will end up being a weekend husband, vice versa.

Every second and minute would count in the little interactions we have each week. Despite the limitations, I like to think that time will pass by quickly. Just how it was for both of us when we were medical students and house officers. Tup tup.. dah jadi MO. 

Looking at the bright side, I only have to cater for my son’s meals as I’m not much of an eater nowadays. I have less laundry to do. Perhaps then I’d also get a few things done in the house. Like painting the wall or something or plan special projects every week to welcome him home.

This could be an interesting 4 years.. InsyaAllah. 

An act of romanticism ..

When I was a student in Manchester, I once went on a trip to Stratford -upon-Avon, home of the famous English poet, William Shakespeare. Those who lived there always prides in how the town has remained the way it is since the 16th century. Unchanged, unmoved despite modern civilisation.

“If Shakespeare was to rise from the dead and come back, he wouldn’t get lost because this is how it has always been”

Much romanticism I must say. I decided to put on my own form of ‘romanticism’ at home as well.

Mr Husband has been outstationed for the past few days. He was on a course in Kuala Lumpur. I had wanted to take leave and follow suit – enjoying a short break and the amenities of the hotel but I had more engaging responsibilities. This time our son is entrusted in my care as opposed to the last time he was away in Jakarta. In Jakarta, Hazeeq was with him for 5 days.

When he came back from Jakarta’s last trip, I kind of reorganized our little room at the back of the house into Hazeeq’s playroom as a surprise. They were both elated. Macam sidak ang moh.. ada little nursery. As of now, I couldn’t think of a better home project. I supposed keeping the house the way it is, would be good enough. At least, my own Shakespeare won’t lose his way around the house when he gets home.

Romanticism at its best, huh. Hakikatnya, aku malas.

“Accept the challenges so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory.” General George S. Patton

I got home to a bunch of papers on the desk. There was a stack of 3 neatly printed copies of an application form. I went nearer to the desk and held it up. They were Mr Husband’s application letter for the Hadiah Latihan Persekutuan (HLP)

“At least we are heading somewhere” I reassured myself.

Every year thousands of applicants in Malaysia aspiring to pursue their Masters studies in their chosen field of interest would apply for the government scholarship (HLP). Once granted the HLP, one would have to go through either a series of exams or interviews to get into their programme.

I tried it last year out of interest. My colleague and I wanted to see how hard the entrance exam was. We both got the HLP but we both flunked the test as well. It was a half-hearted attempt actually. ironically, we were not saddened at all. in fact, there was a huge sigh of relief – for not getting it. Ha ha. I was not ready to become a specialist. There’s too much responsibility. I was enjoying myself too much as a Medical Officer and a mother.

This year, I gave Mr Husband the greenlights to apply. Knowing the challenge that I’ll be getting myself in – the test of Time, Loyalty, Patience and Love from a distance, I think it is worth a shot.  Getting the HLP would bring him a step closer to the programme and once he succeeds in getting a spot, that is when the real obstacle begins.

Allah is fair. He tests His beings with circumstances that He deems fit. While  Mr Husband and I are lucky to be financially strong to begin with, we have our hiccups in trying to fit some Time with Hazeeq and even of each others company. But we try. We know that it is not going to be easy but the fruits of our sacrifice would be InsyaAllah worthwhile once its ripe.

Good luck to all applicants of HLP. May the force be with you.