Genting Skyworld trip with our two kids

This place reminds me of Universal Studios Singapore. The layout is elaborate and very magical.

We drove to Genting Highland from our hotel in chow kit, East Riverine Boutique Hotel and parked at the space at Genting Premium Outlet. Bought tickets for the Awana SkyWay at the booth and enjoyed the view from the cable car. The ‘air gondola’ operates from 7am-11pm daily. Oh, please remember to wear a face mask in the cable car – it is compulsory since you are in a closed area with other people. It is still the rainy season at this time of the year and the fog was really thick in the morning even though it was already 10am ish. Our family was a bit underdressed and not prepared for the cold and rain.

Our last visit to Genting Highland was in 2019.

Buying tickets for our gondola in the sky

Mr Husband bought the tickets from one of the self-service machines. I downloaded the Genting Skyworld App because it is said that you could cut down your waiting times at the rides by making a booking there. You could set it up as a group booking and such. However, since there was not much of a crowd that day I did not use the app. We went there on the Thaipusam long weekend.

Ticket price:

Awana SkyWay – Standard return ticket RM18 x 4 = RMRM72. Only kids less than 90cm get to travel for free.

Genting Skyworld – I supposed it will be cheaper to get the tickets online plus there are various packages for the trip there. Our total was roughly RM620 ish for 4 pax (2 adult + 2 kids).

Genting Skyworld has 9 exciting themed worlds. Each world has its own attractions, entertainment shows, merchandise stores and F&B to enjoy. There are height restrictions for some attractions but my girl who is just above 110cm could get on most rides. It is a very ‘family-gastro and bladder-friendly’ place. Bring a water bottle to fill up at the water stations. We went our way through the theme park using the map provided so we wouldn’t miss anything.


This is the main entrance which has a very golden and lavish setup. Since we were there at the opening times, we get to enjoy a mini Las Vegas-ish show for a few minutes before everyone entered the park. They had the best-smelling popcorn.


This place is based on the animated movie of Epic.

The one where the girl shrunk and become friends with woodland creatures and then began fighting with evil forces. There are two rides here – Epic voyage to Moonhaven and Epic Hummingbird Flyers. The earlier ride is like those lazy river rides BUT you will get wet as your boat passes through a particular splash. So your options are to go on this last or go ahead with a raincoat/ extra pair of clothing. We barged ahead and got wet.


Adapted from the Rio animations – this place is super colourful with tropical colours. My brave girl went up the Samba Gliders! They had to take off their slippers cause they were hanging on the gliders but she said she was not scared at all. My son went afterwards, with the dad of course. I was not that keen to go because of the height and because I had to keep my bag in the lockers. It was too much trouble for me.

There was also their version of the teacup – Rio Carnival of Chaos and the very short ride on the merry-go-round. The Blue Sky Carousel was a double-decker, super pretty but only went around about three times! It was that quick.


We watched an interactive entertainment show here. Kids love it. As an adult, I was like,“cepatlah habis.. tak habis2 nyanyi.. ha ha ha”. My girl was thrilled to know there was (fake) snow there. There were four attractions here but we only went to 2 which are the vertigo-inducing Sid’s Rock ‘N’ Slide and the Mammoth Fun Zone. The Mammoth place is like a playground. We had our lunch here at Buck’s Cafe. It was of course theme park price but thankfully delicious. We ordered two sets of rice meals, an onigiri, a strawberry sando and a few drinks. I just realized that I didn’t take any photos of the food. Probably because we were cold and hungry.


This is where the most adventurous people would enjoy rides that have thrill scores of 1.

We did not go on any rides. I did encourage Mr Husband to go but since we’ve just had lunch, being turned upside down and twirled around vigorously doesn’t sound that good. I personally am not a fan of crazy roller coasters either. We are somewhat of a very introvert couple. LOL. We did get to see the performance by Caucasian space men which was sturdy and acrobatic in nature.


This town is made for little kids. Slow, comfortable, colourful rides – love it. We get to squeeze into one car at the Bigweld’s Zeppelin. The description of the ride in the pamphlet made it sound like we would fly very high. Kids would though!


The highlight of this place was the 3D hovercraft ride with characters from Planet of the Apes. The entranceway setup reminded me of The Mummy place at USS. It was convincing and in a way as visitors, we were immersed in our character to save the ape leader. Gosh, what was it’s name again?

At first, we thought it would be a mundane visual thing with the 3D glasses but as we got on the hovercraft, it was so real and thrilling. We wanted to get on it the second time after we’ve finished the 1st round of everything but it was temporarily closed – maybe for rest or sanitation.


‘Night at the Museum’ was also closed when we got there. But we did get on the Independence Day: Defiance spaceship. Our legs were hanging off the spacecraft and we were swooshing in space fighting off imaginary aliens. I would caution those who have epilepsy or vertigo to be careful on this ride because of the flashing lights and fast-motion swings. I was nauseous but I survived the ride uneventfully. Obviously, the seats were manipulated to make us feel that we are in mid-air but it was believable and exciting.

I imagined the place would be very pretty at night with the lights from the fountains. It also has a very spacious, beautifully decorated park.


The attraction is not open yet but they have a pretty burger eatery there to try. This place marks the end of the 9 themes and is near the entry/exit door.

Overall, it was a fun experience for me as an adult and of course even more for the kids. I am glad the fog cleared up afterwards so we could take better pictures. That is one thing off my bucket list for places to go in Malaysia. Until next time… taraaa

if you look hard enough, you can see mr husband and the son in the bushes, ready for an ambush

KHM Strawberry & Jam, BOH Sg Palas, Centrum

We had a list of places we’d like to go : Lavendar farm, Flora Park, Butterfly Park and the market. The market is a good place to buy sweet potatoes, jagung susu or jagung mutiara, strawberries, hybrid guava/apple fruit and boxes of local tea and chocolate. However, the rain kind of inhibited some of the mood, dampens the energy, plus the kids prefer food over anything else. Maybe we will go next time when we are on leave during a warmer season. Still, the visit was worthwhile and we did our best in the soaking weather.


This was an accidental place of interest. We used to enjoy going to AGRO Farm before but somehow we stumbled upon this place. So, we parked by the side of the road not knowing what to expect. It was a fruitful visit. Turns out people flock here for it’s scones and jam. I loved the citrus tea a lot. The kids enjoyed the strawberries dipped in chocolate sauce.


Despite opening a new cafe on the lower ground, there still isn’t enough place for everybody. We kind of missed out on having its selection of cakes with tea.

Perhaps I should try going to the other tea brand place, Cameron Valley. It also has a platform to take pictures of the tea plantation just like Sg Palas. Cameron Valley’s tea has flavours of which strawberry taste best.

Anyway, when we arrived at BOH Tea Centre, we endured the climb up to the place and I bought some specialized tea as a momento. I chose the hibiscus tea (spa-infusions) and two other flavours from the Seri Songket series: Green tea & Earl Grey + Tangerine tea.


This was an impromptu destination. I mean, who would want to go to the mall when you have Cameron Highland tourist spots everywhere? But we did just that. We wanted to find lunch and hey hey hey.. the concourse was so lively with so many people and activities. My husband and I tried pani puri for the first time there. We tasted this bread thing from Rollney’s cause it is too much effort to go to Mahkota Parade for that in Melaka. Hahaha.. mengada.

Lunch was nasi campur and gosh it was amusing to see my daughter sitting beside her father, having the same gestures and such. My daughter merajuk for a while when we were there because she wanted those colourful hats that you could squeeze the ears – so Mr Husband bought it for her.

For dinner, we went to this area where there’s a lot of steamboat, shell outs and grills. Google for ‘adik Aisyah steamboat’ for the prime location. We had our steamboat at a different place than Adik Aisyah cause this AA place is so popular and the queue is so long.

Looking forward to more staycations in 2023. Tq Cameron Highlands 🤗

Heritage Hotel, Cameron Highland

I hate surprises so I made sure to know where our holiday destination is. Mr Husband said we would go to Cameron Highlands during the long Lunar New Year break. The land of tea plantations and strawberries. We were expecting the crowd because CH is always full of tourists but we overlooked the fact that it will be raining a lot there, this time of the year. January, 2023 – raining season.

Hence, it was not only cold but very wet. The high humidity is felt in our rooms and to an extent quite uncomfortable. I under-packed. I should have bought a few more jackets or long sleeves, throws/blankets and a portable dehumidifier.

Mr Husband booked a room at the Heritage Hotel although it went viral in Malaysia some time ago for its supernatural sightings specifically LEVEL 4. It is a 3-star hotel with a nice view, and a strategic location to the nearest bustling, lively area. We were in Room 438. meh. Ours was a Superior Triple Room with 1 Queen Bed + 1 Single Bed & Breakfast/ Free WIFI. Mr Husband said he paid over RM300 for the room. We booked it for 3D2N. It has a shower and bathtub which delighted our daughter very much. The hotel has a very English Tudor design and is situated at Tanah Rata – a place where all the good food is.

We checked in at 3PM at the very red, prosperous lobby. I really love this mini snowing decor. I found it on Shopee. Search for ‘Spot New year’s lights’ – shipped from China. Seller is

The breakfast spread was simple yet fulfilling. I was careful to try and follow my DSSS regime. I do not want to pile on too many kilograms during this trip. The decor at the restaurant was very festive. Then, we had a walk around the hotel and checked out its facilities.

There was a mini library that has lots of Chinese books that I do not know how to read yet, a play area for children and a gymnasium.

At the lower ground, there was a fish pond with a goth-like garden that needs more maintenance to it. There were a few massage chairs available too, a laundry area and basically a lounging space with a fake chimney to just relax. We had a chilling stay but still fun nonetheless. We did not do much in Cameron Highlands due to the heavy rain and I will share it with you in the next post.

ZONE Hotels, Teluk Panglima Garang

It was an odd choice but I was glad I made it. We needed a place to stay overnight before we go to my sister’s house for Xmas brunch. Our usual staycation spots are Putrajaya and Cyberjaya. This time, I thought ‘why don’t we find somewhere else’. Agoda led me to this hotel, Zones Hotel.

It is a two-star hotel but with facilities good enough for a comfortable stay. There are water dispensers and an ironing board on both floors. Guests get complimentary drinks on arrival – packet drinks (iced lemon tea). I booked a premium quadruple cause the kids are getting bigger. A normal King is not going to fit all of us. since it is a premium, the price is of course on the premium side. I paid RM317.80 / night including tax. We have Free WIFI, a hot shower and the usual.

There was no breakfast included but there is a MAMAK downstairs. There are also loads of eating places just down the road within walking distance. I have to mention LAKSA BUMBUNG. It is now my favourite laksa. Costs RM7/bowl because of it’s telur sarang. The gravy is to die for!


This place is roughly 10 minutes away from the hotel. I made a reservation online for 4 people. It serves Western as well as local delicacies. I loved their grilled lamb. The kids loved to take photos there though. It’s very English and cute. Price-wise, my lamb grill was about RM37 which has two cuts, mashed potato on the side with salad. The salted egg croissant is RM11, and the pizza was RM24 with cake slices ranging from RM12 to RM15. You can browse through their menu by clicking on the link in their bio on Instagram.

Eating in Melaka 2022

GrabFood and FoodPanda have always been the ones we go to. Then the usual fast food outlets and pasar malam food of course. There wasn’t much stuff sold in our clinic’s Food Whatsapp Group that I wanted to try. So, let’s see where we ate as a family this year. A glimpse of it. Nothing extra special. Do not expect long, food blogger-ish reviews.

MAMAK FOOD : You can never go wrong with mamak food. My favourites to get recently is the tosai cause I liked the white, yoghurt sauce that comes with it. And the usual Neslo.
BAYVIEW HOTEL HI TEA BUFFET: It was one of those rare days when we felt like eating something at the hotel. The adults’ payment is RM 48/pax, children RM33/pax and senior citizens RM37/pax. There were a few grave reviews on the FB page but honestly, it is priced at less than RM50. I mean what do you expect, grilled lamb and steak? Of course lah tak.. the falafel and western dishes were delicious. sushi was a bit dry but mostly it was OK for a low-budget HI-Tea.
SAI KEE KOPI 434 MUAR (Melaka Branch): I accidentally ordered 2 glasses of its iced Hainan coffee and got a massive headache from it. It was an unusual mix of coffee and santan. Like omg.. I could die. We ordered mi bandung and kaya toast. The noodles were a bit too spicy for us. Both of us have a very low threshold for spicy food. The toilet was cute and very fashionable. Very Instagrammable but I didn’t take any pics of it.
NANDOS : This is a family favourite for its tender chicken and delicious sauces. I especially love the Garlic and wild Herbs sauce on my lemon chicken.
GPR All you can eat: Located in Kip Mall, Melaka. You can order as many times as you like at RM19.90/pax for food with an extra cost for drinks (unlimited). I feel that the charcoal burger was a menu worth ordering multiple times already. the Korean chicken was lovely too although the sauce was too heavy on the flavour side. Kind of salty. Delicious but salty.
GPR Food as well.
ME’NATE: Posh yet family-friendly. It was my first time ordering lamb quesadilla and it was delicious. The pizza too. In fact, everything was great. I have to admit. the food is mouth-watering.
MELANTAK : This is another place to go for Western cuisine. Like Me’nate, it’s got steak and stuff. The servers are robots. Which was cool. The kids loved it. I think I ordered something sizzling here.
TRULY TWO CAFE : Went here for my son’s birthday. It seems that they serve hot dishes too nowadays. which is a good move cause I can’t stand the all sweet, too-sweet dishes. I kind of stopped at the sight of glasses being plastered with chocolate and sweet sauces. I just can’t. Maybe other people can. The nachos were weird. It’s like they microwaved the whole thing cause the nachos underneath the cheese are not crunchy. the huge croissant was to die for and I loved the beef pepperoni pizza. However, I am on an ongoing diet. So, I really watched my portion.