I bought the kit on an impulse. I was broody. Moody. Sick. Sneezing. I felt like eating a whole chicken but since I am on a calorie restriction munching activity (read : diet) , I decided to focus on something else to relax. And that was aromatherapy.

I had thought ” why not buy those much cheaper oils at Daiso or any kind of stores instead of those more expensive, so called pure oils?”

And I actually bought one of those cheaper oils. For RM5 ONLY per bottle. It was a mistake. The aroma did not last that long. Even fresh buns from the oven could awaken your olfactory senses and direct you to the bakery few shops away just so you are tempted to buy one.

The mistake thankfully only cost me RM15. Yep, I bought 2 bottles of those oils. I decided to Google on essential oils. I wanted to know why some oil can be diffused and some not. In fact, I am still googling for answers. Google is kind. They never give condescending remarks on your searches. They even offer to finish off your question.

A very popular brand from The United States came up. Then, another search led me to a homegrown (Malaysian) product. Things got really exciting. Then I remembered a family who had an autistic child using doTERRA as an adjunct to help calm their child in cases of having a meltdown or tantrums. . #AdamsAutismFamily.

A search on Instagram led me to other Wellness Advocates and finally after 8 days of contemplating my expensive purchase (after Hobonichi), I enrolled as a member. Crazy right? I did not even attend any of the oiling classes which are held in other places which is not Melaka. I don’t even know how the oils smell like although I do have a rough idea of how Oregano or Lemon is supposed to. HiHiHi

My reasons for choosing doTERRA are;

  1. I wanted to choose a brand which most of my friends are NOT using. Just so we could swap oils. LOL. Actually I believe in the healing properties of Aromatherapy. I am not quite sure how I will incorporate it in my life as an internal form of use but I will see how it goes.
  2. Packaging is pretty. Looks very exclusive. I can have it recycled. YEAY!
  3. I wanted to be part of the doTERRA family in Malaysia. They seem kind. Lol. Most entrepreneurs are, anyway. ha ha ha. I am actually curious how the networking and LRP works. They keep saying it will benefit me in the long run. Well, that’s what a particular person from another networking company said about my RM2K corset. I am still fat. Of course, it is always the users fault in the end. Ok. I accept that. HAHAHAHAHA.
  4. I am fascinated by Who and What doTERRA is built on. I am aware of a dispute that happened some time ago and doTERRA’s marketing strategy thingy – to be honest I am more intrigued than ever.
  5. I especially loved the way my sponsor/enroller lives her life as a doTERRA user. I have never met her in person but she seems warm and open. And her kids are adorable. On Instagram.

I’m not sure how long I will be obsessed with incorporating essential oils in my daily living but I will definitely share my journey in this blog. Blog posts related to my experience using or buying doTERRA products will be tagged as;


Let’s explore the world of doTERRA together. I hope I like it. Just like how it was with my Hobonichi.