If you believe the world is small. You can make a difference. 

If you have the star power, by all means do good, perform charity on a large scale so other people can emulate you. If you have the money, donate in good. Kind is also accepted. If you have the time, volunteer. If you’re like me, a small little butterfly still trying to find her wings – just do whatever you can no matter how small. For even though the world does not need to know, the help you give to that one person in need can make a difference to his/her life.

I learnt a lot about defining people in need through the works of human activists such as Syed Azmi and the likes – that they may not mean those who are piss poor all the time. It just means anybody from every walk of life who happens to need help at a certain point.

I believe this is important so we could widen our scope in doing charity. That it does not always mean that we have to Feed Africa. That it could just mean cooking extra lauk for our frail, elderly neighbours or help to put random litters in its place and such. That Kindness is The Currency in the world of Charity. That we can all be an NGI – a Non Governmental Individual. 



I don’t earn like a million bucks from my affiliations or proper earnings nor do I receive royalties of such sort but I do believe that if you part some of your money for the benefit of others – the money will somehow be enough for your daily living and will miraculously grow.

This page will serve as an annotation of my personal projects. Some carried out with funds. Raised or donated by most of the time – et moi. ha ha. Some projects on the other hand, hanya bermodalkan kasih dan sayang. Most activities, I anticipate will be inspired by larger scale humanitarian causes around the world. In Malaysia especially. And of course some inspired by little samaritans around me.

No deed is too small. While I may not blog and share about every single one of those GOOD THINGS of my #tabungkenyalangminci, I hope that we could all learn something from this list and make our own contribution to the society. Older projects are further down;

2020 Projects

The year of the global pandemic – COVID19. The earth healed temporarily due to the cease of human activities but at the expense of some people’s income and lives. Humanity came together as we strive to overcome it and continue to live on with our lives. And with the virus.

Tabung Minci though small, tried to help within her capacity as an NGI. This page is the summary for its activities this year.

2019 Projects

Read about it here. I haven’t got the chance to audit my Tabung Minci expenses but I hope it gives you an idea of what to do.

2018 Projects

Life is a roller coaster this year. I had my second baby. I was transferred to a new workplace. I still managed to give to my usual charities and discovered new ones. Hoping for more charitable activities and generous givings in 2019.


tabung minci

2017 Projects

I didn’t document much in this particular year because I was emotionally and financially invested in my 2nd pregnancy. I also used quite a lot of time to prepare for the baby and also my sons 1st year going into primary school.

The auto-pilot projects are still ongoing though. Namely ALYateem Islamic Relief (sponsor an orphan) & #Mercy30. There was a new project which started in October 2017 and that was my school alumni, Sekolah Tun Fatimah (batch 9600) Back To School programme. 

Back to School programme is due in 2020 but the prep starts now especially the financial aspect of it. The goal is to try raise at least RM 100,000 to kick it off. My personal contribution was RM1 000.00. I hope it helps.

A formal meeting to elect the committee members will be organized in October 2018. Then the ball will start rolling. InsyaAllah.  

2016 Projects

  1. #bussrikandi – raising funds to purchase a new bus for my former boarding school for girls through the alumni
  2. #marchbabies – a form of ‘Food/Jamuan Sedeqah’ marathon in march to await the birth delivery of both my nephew and niece – kira mcm menjamu org lah.. the project ended with a babycare package to my sister.
  3. #5RAtHome – an investment in making my home eco-friendly and having my own recycle are
  4. #kemremajasolehah – providing goodie bags filled with women hygiene products which included panty liners, facial wipes, food pyramid etc.
  5. #nursesday – showing gratitude to the nurses by showering them with gifts of love and food. Cake and doughnuts on the lady in the house!
  6. #banjirkilat – a few friends had personal struggles to deal with. As part of the alumni group, we pooled our resources and provide aids accordingly.
  7. #BiggestLoserSeason3 – all participants could do with a bit of help along the way when it comes to achieving a healthy body mass index. giving them little tokens of appreciation goes a long way.
  8. #familiaria – a series of activites done with the family to be happy. After all the best sedeqah is always towards family members. kan?
  9. #ilmuperi2 – it was not my rezeki to learn from the best. The opportunity was passed to another person who would benefit more from the programme.
  10. #azmanhamzah – our fellow Malaysian had a stroke during his vacation overseas. His ICU bills amounted up to hundreds of thousand ringgit. And like any true Malaysian, strangers step in to help out with the funds and such. We were able to bring him home.
  11. #GiveHope – a small contribution  for the Penajaan Pembedahan Pesakit Miskin programme under the Humanitarian Care Malaysia Berhad.
  12. #cheesetart2016 – it was a Dedication Programme hosted by the Pharmacy Unit. The concept is that a Secret Admirer would send gifts to the recipient for whatever purpose. My aim was more to give my recipient a thought to ponder or a joke to laugh about. Just so he/she can experience happiness for that split second. No other motive. Just pure joy.


2015 Projects

  1. #ALYateemIslamicRelief – sponsor an orphaned child from chosen countries. A different budget for every child.
  2. #Mercy30 – a monthly contribution to help this NGO pursue their cause and run the programmes
  3. #carepackagenewmom –  a small box filled with presents for the new mom and baby
  4. #projekMembacaNILAM – sponsoring gifts to students who read the most books in the NILAM school programme
  5. #minisejadah – providing door gifts for those who attend the Yassin reading ceremony
  6. #foodaidfoundation – fundraising to get food and water for the Rohingya refugees
  7. #packageRamadhanWasaii – about making close friends happy by giving free sampul raya and headscarves
  8. #projekbrailleslate – providing funds to buy braille slates for the underpriviledged. all in the name of equal education opportunities for everybody.
  9. #cencaruforiftar – a teacher was selected by her GB to cater the school’s annual iftar programme for the neighbourhoods muallafs and needy kids at the mostly Orang Asli school. The teachers as a group wanted to give their celebrated guests a meal they will never forget – Ikan Cencaru which was way above their budget. This is where Tabung Minci comes in.
  10. #breakfasthaji – paying for my colleagues breakfast. It cost less than RM100 and a lot of people can eat the 70sen Nasi Lemak Australia (named as such for its small ti†-†y size)
  11. #cahayaDiwali – giving away money packets to selected recipients. This year it was to a single mom of 5 children whose husband died suddenly of a possible heart attack. The second recipient was to a random uncle I meet on a daily basis sweeping the parking lot area.
  12. #madrasahuluyamani 
  13. #islamicreleiflocalpack
  14. #TabungEhsaniSrikandi(TES)
  15. #2015endofyearparty

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