This Girl is on Fire in bright Daylight


Im a big fan of anything original. Infact, if the environment allows.. I would definitely be getting Maroon 5’s latest album. And play this tune on the way of my commute to work everyday.

But this weekend was not about The Grammy’s per se. Apart from spending precious time with Mr Husband and Little Zeeq, I have managed to try a new recipe. Weekends at my home means Western meals. Which includes Europeans and stuff. We’d be having fried chickens, pizza, pastas and as of today, chicken pie.

The recipe was inspired by this one colleague of mine who loves baking. The ingredients were simple and Mr Husband loved it. I still have 4 leftover puff pastry sheets in the freezer. I will need more ideas onto what to do with them.


3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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