Eating in Melaka 2022

GrabFood and FoodPanda have always been the ones we go to. Then the usual fast food outlets and pasar malam food of course. There wasn’t much stuff sold in our clinic’s Food Whatsapp Group that I wanted to try. So, let’s see where we ate as a family this year. A glimpse of it. Nothing extra special. Do not expect long, food blogger-ish reviews.

MAMAK FOOD : You can never go wrong with mamak food. My favourites to get recently is the tosai cause I liked the white, yoghurt sauce that comes with it. And the usual Neslo.
BAYVIEW HOTEL HI TEA BUFFET: It was one of those rare days when we felt like eating something at the hotel. The adults’ payment is RM 48/pax, children RM33/pax and senior citizens RM37/pax. There were a few grave reviews on the FB page but honestly, it is priced at less than RM50. I mean what do you expect, grilled lamb and steak? Of course lah tak.. the falafel and western dishes were delicious. sushi was a bit dry but mostly it was OK for a low-budget HI-Tea.
SAI KEE KOPI 434 MUAR (Melaka Branch): I accidentally ordered 2 glasses of its iced Hainan coffee and got a massive headache from it. It was an unusual mix of coffee and santan. Like omg.. I could die. We ordered mi bandung and kaya toast. The noodles were a bit too spicy for us. Both of us have a very low threshold for spicy food. The toilet was cute and very fashionable. Very Instagrammable but I didn’t take any pics of it.
NANDOS : This is a family favourite for its tender chicken and delicious sauces. I especially love the Garlic and wild Herbs sauce on my lemon chicken.
GPR All you can eat: Located in Kip Mall, Melaka. You can order as many times as you like at RM19.90/pax for food with an extra cost for drinks (unlimited). I feel that the charcoal burger was a menu worth ordering multiple times already. the Korean chicken was lovely too although the sauce was too heavy on the flavour side. Kind of salty. Delicious but salty.
GPR Food as well.
ME’NATE: Posh yet family-friendly. It was my first time ordering lamb quesadilla and it was delicious. The pizza too. In fact, everything was great. I have to admit. the food is mouth-watering.
MELANTAK : This is another place to go for Western cuisine. Like Me’nate, it’s got steak and stuff. The servers are robots. Which was cool. The kids loved it. I think I ordered something sizzling here.
TRULY TWO CAFE : Went here for my son’s birthday. It seems that they serve hot dishes too nowadays. which is a good move cause I can’t stand the all sweet, too-sweet dishes. I kind of stopped at the sight of glasses being plastered with chocolate and sweet sauces. I just can’t. Maybe other people can. The nachos were weird. It’s like they microwaved the whole thing cause the nachos underneath the cheese are not crunchy. the huge croissant was to die for and I loved the beef pepperoni pizza. However, I am on an ongoing diet. So, I really watched my portion.

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