I GO Hotel

I was on a weekend trip to see my dad. My ulterior motive was to declutter his house of my late mom’s belongings. Mother was a fashionista confined by her duties in the household. Despite not earning a fixed income, she has a beautiful collection of jubah, blouses and baju kurung. On second thought, she does have an income. A monthly ‘Kasih sayang income’ from her two daughters with varied amounts. It was pretty disheartening having to pack it up and give it away. However, considering that her fashion is very Hetty Koes Endang and Warga Emas, we should give it to those in the same age group.

My sister and I did pick and chose some clothes that we liked. I gave more to my sister because she would find them more useful since she has a job teaching. I am less fashionable and tend to stick with attire in my comfort zone.

I booked a hotel during my stay at Bandar Saujana Putra. There were a few budget hotels to choose from and I picked I Go Hotel. The location is very strategic at BSP 1 with loads of places to eat. This could be influenced by the fact that it is near MAHSA University which is where the students are.

I made my reservation through Agoda.Com, my trusted app to make any staycation possible.

My Double bedroom was priced at less than RM80/night. The room had a simple setup which was enough for a comfortable stay. The air conditioning was good. The toilet was super clean with its soap provided. There were simple beverages for free and a water dispenser at the lobby. To me, that is good enough for a budget hotel. They even provided guests with a mini flask in case we wanted hot water in our room at night. That was super thoughtful.

After a good night sleep, I woke up and showered. Did my checkout early and had breakfast at the mamak. Then, I surveyed the area for other hotel options for the Kuching delegates for my brother’s wedding in July. I completed my cleanup for the day till evening. I had to stop after I sneezed too much. The dust was getting to me, my eyes were teary and despite putting on a face mask, I just couldn’t go forth with it.

I will be coming back soon to BSP to continue the ‘death cleaning’ – perhaps in another 2 weeks or so.


Coffee’O’Clock – CroissxCoffee Melaka

I had a Tabung Haji errand to run one day. Before Mother died, she named me the person who should help sort out her financial matters at Tabung Haji. My sister was the second person in charge. Now after nearly two years have passed, I have managed to settle this matter. Finally. Why two years? Long story. All I needed to bring with me was her death certificate and my own MYKAD with photostat copies of each. I had to fill in one particular form, signed a few papers, thumbprint some sections and just like, the paperwork part is done. Now I have to wait for at least 2 weeks for the money to be transferred into my account. From there, I will divide them with my siblings.

The Tabung Haji branch I went to was situated at Banda Kaba. Knowing that it would take a while to get it sorted, I thought I’d go to this cafe at Melaka Raya. It’s one of those places I discovered via Instagram. I loved that the cafe is easily spotted with its bright orange colour and is located at a place where parking is readily available. Come to think of it, I did go there quite early – somewhat around 9am.

It opens at 830AM and is a Muslim-friendly cafe.

Upon walking in, I was greeted by the smell of fresh coffee and sweet pastry. That is when I knew I would enjoy this experience. Cause if the cafe does not smell coffee, it’s not gonna taste nice. I placed my order at the counter, took a seat upstairs and waited for the servers to send it to me.

There is a variety of beautiful-looking pastries to choose from. The croissants were huge too and you could smell the butter on them. The setup of the place is also very Instagrammable and aesthetic. Only I don’t really know how to pose for a good picture to upload on Instagram.

I look forward to having more cafe adventures in Melaka.

Thank you for this video, E Sang Kiyabuth

I bought this same container a few days ago and I was adamant on assembling it myself. The item however did not come with any instructions. Maybe it was supposed to be simple and self-explanatory. Well, not to me.

Thankfully. thankfully. thankfully. this video existed.

Although it was recorded some time ago, it is still around today. And people like me get to learn how to set up this dolphin container all by themselves. See how no matter what kind of video you put up, there will always be that one audience who will view it.

Death cleaning

Death cleaning is challenging. It requires focus, physical stamina and a level of detachment and ‘unbotheredness’ to even start the process.

My brother is planning to get hitched soon and has the intention to bring the bride back home for a while before they find a place to rent. The current house is our family home and over the course of time it has become quite worn out and full of ‘things’. After all, we have lived in the house for over 10 years and when it comes to a family of 6, that is a lot of things.

The initial plan was for all of us four siblings to get together and tackle the problem. However, some of us did not get our leaves approved and my sister, had a last-minute course to attend. So it was just me battling against the dust and clutter. I managed to sift through my late mother’s wardrobe and it was astounding to discover how many clothes she had – both worn and new! It seems that she used to have a habit of buying those buy1 free1 items but never actually got to give those garments to people she was meaning to give it to. Thus, ended up with me being puzzled at the site of so many T-shirts with the same design in the wardrobe.

I shared my experience of decluttering on Instagram that weekend and an acquaintance recommended me this book. I managed to find it at Shopee for RM59.94. Quite a splurge for a softcover book but I’m excited about it’s content. It did not disappoint me at all.

I felt so connected to the author’s problems and felt that her thoughts on this subject matter were familiar yet fresh and very insightful. It’s like having a cheeky grandmother telling you what to do now before you die. In a way, it’s about decluttering and making life simple so you wouldn’t leave too much trash for your loved ones to pick up once you’re 6 feet under.

I am inspired to do my own death cleaning too. In fact, I feel it is an instinctive thing to do every so many years as my family’s life cycle changes over time. Now I am discarding old baby clothes, baby gadgets and toys as I am clear that I have no plans to conceive another baby. I have been making trips to the bin at Lotus to donate my old clothes that don’t fit anymore and those that are out of fashion. This included linens for single beds causing our house to have double beds only. The single set was from both of our ‘single’ years.

I am into house chores again this time of the year. I believe there will be a time when I’d enjoy photography suddenly or journaling and all that jazz. It’s a cyclical process.

Mamasita Melaka

Run by Malaysians, trained by Mexicans

Muslim friendly – it cannot be certified as fully Halal because the premise sells alcohol. The meat is from a halal source.

I am confident that if the family was to eat there, at the restaurant, it would serve a different energy. It will be very Coco and vibrant. Even then, I tried to recreate a lively spirit at home for this birthday fiesta (Mr Husband’s 38th birthday). I placed some bright-coloured pashmina on the dining table, fairy lights and fake flowers on the dining table. We used paper plates cause I don’t feel like washing up too many dishes after the meal.

I ordered meals from Mamasita through the Grab app for them to be delivered at a scheduled time. I do not think it is possible to eat outside because Mr Husband has a course on that day and he’d be too tired to go out for dinner. (what kind of person does not take leave on their birthday? Oh yeh, my husband). Plus, the weather was terribly hot despite me switching on the air conditioner and the standing fan simultaneously.

The meal was great. I really loved the soft taco guacamole and the beef quesadilla. The lamb was delicious too. In fact, everything was flavourful and the price was to me, reasonable. Other things I ordered are the Margherita Pizza, honey BBQ chicken with Mexican fries, chicken quesadilla, aglio olio spaghetti and soft drinks.

Anyway, Mr Husband did not appear enthusiastic at all. Very lacklustre. Not even close to being platonic. Either because he’s had a long day or he’s just being a moron. If it is because of the latter, he may remain miserable until his next birthday. That is the time when I will make another prayer for him to murah rezeki, dipanjangkan umur and be blessed with good things in life. Allah knows best.

The cake was Red Velvet from Italy Cake House. Specially chosen by the son. My daughter bought him 3 pairs of socks from Mr DIY using my money. The dinner was very quick because there was no TV and it was quite warm in the kitchen. So much for a Mexican atmosphere.