KHM Strawberry & Jam, BOH Sg Palas, Centrum

We had a list of places we’d like to go : Lavendar farm, Flora Park, Butterfly Park and the market. The market is a good place to buy sweet potatoes, jagung susu or jagung mutiara, strawberries, hybrid guava/apple fruit and boxes of local tea and chocolate. However, the rain kind of inhibited some of the mood, dampens the energy, plus the kids prefer food over anything else. Maybe we will go next time when we are on leave during a warmer season. Still, the visit was worthwhile and we did our best in the soaking weather.


This was an accidental place of interest. We used to enjoy going to AGRO Farm before but somehow we stumbled upon this place. So, we parked by the side of the road not knowing what to expect. It was a fruitful visit. Turns out people flock here for it’s scones and jam. I loved the citrus tea a lot. The kids enjoyed the strawberries dipped in chocolate sauce.


Despite opening a new cafe on the lower ground, there still isn’t enough place for everybody. We kind of missed out on having its selection of cakes with tea.

Perhaps I should try going to the other tea brand place, Cameron Valley. It also has a platform to take pictures of the tea plantation just like Sg Palas. Cameron Valley’s tea has flavours of which strawberry taste best.

Anyway, when we arrived at BOH Tea Centre, we endured the climb up to the place and I bought some specialized tea as a momento. I chose the hibiscus tea (spa-infusions) and two other flavours from the Seri Songket series: Green tea & Earl Grey + Tangerine tea.


This was an impromptu destination. I mean, who would want to go to the mall when you have Cameron Highland tourist spots everywhere? But we did just that. We wanted to find lunch and hey hey hey.. the concourse was so lively with so many people and activities. My husband and I tried pani puri for the first time there. We tasted this bread thing from Rollney’s cause it is too much effort to go to Mahkota Parade for that in Melaka. Hahaha.. mengada.

Lunch was nasi campur and gosh it was amusing to see my daughter sitting beside her father, having the same gestures and such. My daughter merajuk for a while when we were there because she wanted those colourful hats that you could squeeze the ears – so Mr Husband bought it for her.

For dinner, we went to this area where there’s a lot of steamboat, shell outs and grills. Google for ‘adik Aisyah steamboat’ for the prime location. We had our steamboat at a different place than Adik Aisyah cause this AA place is so popular and the queue is so long.

Looking forward to more staycations in 2023. Tq Cameron Highlands 🤗

Heritage Hotel, Cameron Highland

I hate surprises so I made sure to know where our holiday destination is. Mr Husband said we would go to Cameron Highlands during the long Lunar New Year break. The land of tea plantations and strawberries. We were expecting the crowd because CH is always full of tourists but we overlooked the fact that it will be raining a lot there, this time of the year. January, 2023 – raining season.

Hence, it was not only cold but very wet. The high humidity is felt in our rooms and to an extent quite uncomfortable. I under-packed. I should have bought a few more jackets or long sleeves, throws/blankets and a portable dehumidifier.

Mr Husband booked a room at the Heritage Hotel although it went viral in Malaysia some time ago for its supernatural sightings specifically LEVEL 4. It is a 3-star hotel with a nice view, and a strategic location to the nearest bustling, lively area. We were in Room 438. meh. Ours was a Superior Triple Room with 1 Queen Bed + 1 Single Bed & Breakfast/ Free WIFI. Mr Husband said he paid over RM300 for the room. We booked it for 3D2N. It has a shower and bathtub which delighted our daughter very much. The hotel has a very English Tudor design and is situated at Tanah Rata – a place where all the good food is.

We checked in at 3PM at the very red, prosperous lobby. I really love this mini snowing decor. I found it on Shopee. Search for ‘Spot New year’s lights’ – shipped from China. Seller is

The breakfast spread was simple yet fulfilling. I was careful to try and follow my DSSS regime. I do not want to pile on too many kilograms during this trip. The decor at the restaurant was very festive. Then, we had a walk around the hotel and checked out its facilities.

There was a mini library that has lots of Chinese books that I do not know how to read yet, a play area for children and a gymnasium.

At the lower ground, there was a fish pond with a goth-like garden that needs more maintenance to it. There were a few massage chairs available too, a laundry area and basically a lounging space with a fake chimney to just relax. We had a chilling stay but still fun nonetheless. We did not do much in Cameron Highlands due to the heavy rain and I will share it with you in the next post.


If you cannot have authentic Gula Apong ice cream in Sarawak, MOKTI’s is an equally good alternative to have in Semenanjung Malaysia. I tried a few other outlets that sell this gula along ice cream but they taste horrible. MOKTI’s ice cream is the best. Go for the original flavour.

I had mine at the Ayer Keroh branch. You can enjoy it there or have it in the car on the go. I do have to warn you that the cup doesn’t have a lid.

Slap to teach

When this incident made it to the news, I knew I had to watch the video. I googled ‘video viral coach tampar’ and a short clip showed what happened. The coach, a big guy, slapped two minors on their cheeks. That was not the only disturbing thing in the clip. There are some observations about this that I just cannot fathom.

  • The girls did not flinch. It seemed almost normal to them for a grown-ass man to just slap them in the face. It seemed OK to get hit because it was an act of love, an act of concern, to improve their performance in sports. This does not sit well with me because in the future these ladies will end up just like their coach, committing physical violence to god forbid, their children because they want to teach something. Or end up being the receiving end of a punch, a kick or another slap from their partner, their family member, or offending authorities – without a complaint because they thought it serves them right to commit such mistakes.
  • Some people side with the coach’s actions while quoting their experience of being assaulted in their younger years. They justified those experiences as ‘tough love’.
  • The parents of the kids forgave the coach’s actions. to forgive is fine since the coach apologized heartily but then to allow the coach to continue training their children is not just awkward but horrifying. It puzzles me more that the kids approve of this form of ‘coaching’ and still want to continue training with him. The amount of trust and reliance they have on this coach surpassed their ability to be cautious of what may follow. If this was an adult team than so be it, but this is an underage team!

I am glad the cycle has been broken. By authorities. At least for a short while.

For affected parties to reflect on why the decision became to such even though they disagree. To me, slapping and hitting violently under the idea of ‘to teach’ just doesn’t sit well in the current society norm. I am sure it is not only Malaysia that has remnants of this hitting culture. I saw a few scenes in KDramas that have this theme. Of teachers hitting their students in the face. Not so sure if it really happens in current times for in dramas they never really show what happens to the teacher that hit Woo Young Woo in the face when she asked about her eyelid surgery.