Culinary adventure : Muar –> Batu pahat –> Ayer Hitam


Hikmah tong gas bagi kat tenant – you get to squeeze yourselves in a little car and experience a culinary adventure with your family . We were set to go at 8AM. complete berak siap2. 


It’s a working day for Johor today (Sunday). Despite that – their eating hotspots are still flooded with visitors probably coming from their fans in neighbouring state.

We had the Sate (Chicken/beef on sticks) and Mee Rebus at the famous Maharani cafe. Later Kacang Pool (not G6PD deficiency friendly) at Medan Selera Peserai. The price per bowl is still RM5 but we sense the reduction in quantity. We also managed to ‘tapau’ a few packets of Nasi Briyani Gam for dinner at the same food court.


We went a bit further to Ayer Hitam to get some dry snacks, duvets, huge pillows and soft toys. My MIL bought a lot of pineapples too as they were very sweet.

Our mini culinary excursion ended with a pit stop at Kari Kambing 40 hari as my father in law again, ‘tapau’a few packs of mutton curry to bring back home. We reached home by 3PM, still famished and wishing I bought the Putu Buluh too. Hmph.

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