Hiking at Bear Hill

It was my 1st time to Bukit Beruang to hike. Our clinic has this health programme to combat obesity among staff by organizing activities such as running, Zumba and sports. This week we went hiking and Ya Allah.. nak terputus nyawa. I could feel my heart rate elevate and then my body heated. It was a good workout and I am considering going there again sometime in the future, maybe with friends but not kids. It is a bit too strenuous for the little ones.

There are a few entry points to the hill but we went to the one in the residential area which is Taman Melaka Raya. When we arrived at 830am, there were a lot of elderly Chinese folks already going down the hill. They must have started early which is like Wow. It makes me wonder what the other non-Chinese elderly folks do in the morning for their exercise. What would be their chosen activity? Would you know?

We went up the hill using the easy-intermediate level tanah trail and made our way down by the tar trail. Even then, we were already very very exhausted. I could sense the euphoric sense in completing this feat though especially when you’ve gained enough stamina to go on longer and more challenging trails.

Excited chipmunks.

A friend of mine shared a few tips to help us with muscle recovery. Some of her suggestions include;

  • proper warm-up, stretching and cooling down
  • wear appropriate clothes and shoes
  • eat a light breakfast and bring water
  • after the hike, bath in cold water to decompress
  • have high protein food
  • sleep with the legs elevated at night

The next day I did not have any muscle aches at all. It was amazing.

Being noticed

I am putting this screenshot here to remind me that some things are noticeable or discovered much later.

He is the author of the BTS Review book. Although his works are translated into English, I could still understand his analysis of BTS’s core ideas, music influences and style. I created this reel many months ago and honestly, it did not occur to me that people would still be able to watch it in their algorithm.

So, if creating content or self-branding is the way to go in the future, the key is to keep creating and putting up things online. You will be noticed by those who are searching for you.

Latest KDrama binge

Last weekend, I decided to catch up with a new KDrama because people on IG said that when they watched it, they wanted to become a lawyer. The Kdrama is called WHY HER. It has aired up to 8 episodes, and yes, I find it interesting. But no, I don’t want to become a lawyer simply because it is not in my character to be like Oh Soo Jae. Kentalnya jiwa sis. I cannot la like that.

I am looking forward to the coming episodes but will probably leave it until it gets to its finale before I start bingeing on it again.

A quote however caught my eye in the series. Saw it in one of the scenes in Chan’s restaurant and that is..

One day, you will meet whoever you need to meet. Like today.

To me, it reaffirms the idea of Qada and Qadar. And that Allah always has the best plans for you. If anything is meant to be, it will still happen no matter what.

The vlog on the school holidays

When I made this video, I had a draft in mind of what I wanted to showcase. I wanted to include the little trips I made with both my son and daughter to the ‘viral’ eateries in Limbongan like the keria, laksa and the avocado drinks. But then I thought it’s just too much of a hassle to record the video and keep an eye on the kids simultaneously. The mission was abandoned. Which explains the very few clips I have of us on the beach and at MPO. Shooting a quality video can be exhausting.

It depends though on what type of video you’d like to make on your channel. It’s challenging to find local videos that showcase lifestyle silently. Instead of the loud reviews and banters on the channel. But it’s OK, you do you. Kan?

So here is Episode 16 for season 4. A 7-minute ish video on the school holidays.

My PROOF album is here

My parcel from the Weverse Shop is finally here. The PROOF album is finally here and I was wishing very hard that I will get some random Suga pic or something and I got his signed SOEM code card. I also got a Jungkook and a J-Hope. Both the golden maknae and golden Hyung. I feel so lucky. Have been listening to a lot of ‘Hope World’ lately. It lifts up the mood for the whole week. Of course, we also have pics of the other boys too. But can never beat the feeling of scoring a Yoongi card.

I was elated.

I was over the moon.

I was gushing with happiness.

It was a very euphoric experience to pull out such a cute card from the album. I mean Weverse, how did you guys know???

I cannot wait for the weekend when I can focus fully on flicking through the photos and immerse myself in the music. I am aware that we can stream their music on Spotify but to own something so monumental in a boyband’s career is sooooo.. ummphhh.

I recorded a longer unboxing video and planning to compile it into my Special Suga episode on YT.