Made In China

It has been an intergenerational perception that any product Made In China is of low quality, cheap and uses horrible materials. People don’t see that apart from having the human resources to mass produce something, they are also advancing in technology to keep up with global demand. That means they have the machinery, expertise, raw material and whatnot to give their clients what they want.

Some products are just not meant to last our lifetime. You would expect a fridge to break down after a while from extensive wear. If an item is not breaking down, it would be normal to want to switch or upgrade an appliance, piece of clothing, or anything else. Cause that is what being human is, to keep changing.

You change with time. Your lifestyle today may be different from how it was 3 years ago. Therefore, China’s production of ‘short durability’, kind of makes sense. We lie to ourselves by saying that we want something that will be durable when in fact we would get a new one when we have a chance. Although nowadays their ‘cheap stuff’ has acceptable quality too.





I couldn’t help wondering about this ‘Made In China issue as I watched videos about ‘home organizations’ by Youtubers and Tiktokers from China. The gadgets and appliances they have in their houses are so cute and practical. Most importantly, their products are obviously made in China. I buy a lot of my house products, the organizers and stationeries from Shopee. Most of them ship from China. I daresay that the product befits the price. It fits the marhaen lifestyle.

Of course, users still need to be wary of replica products. I was looking for the FIFA mascot keychain and was about to place an order, but stopped short. What if it comes through the mail with ugly eyes instead of cute. I would cry.

Election Day 2022

It’s voting time again. I had thought that we could go to Selangor as a family after my husband completed voting, and we hang out at the new IOI Putrajaya after lunch. But that did not happen. I went to my voting poll alone. Driving alone. Thankfully, I just serviced my car by calling a mechanic over to my house a few days before.

I used the POMEN app. Downloaded it through Google Play. Booked the service as early as 630am in the morning for a 2pm slot. He was done with my car in less than an hour and I got to do my house chores too. It costs me a bit more though, just over RM200. I wanted the tree-cutting service to come by too but the man in charge was not responsive. I mean, if I could cut down my own tree, I would have done it but I can’t because of the wires. Dasar jantanzzzz tak guna. Lol, tiber.

I drove from Melaka as early as 8am because it rained too heavily in the early hours. Reached the poll station by 10ish and completed the process in less than 30 minutes. Then, I went to visit my mom’s grave. Baca yassin, doa2 and left. I should do it more often – visiting the grave. It’s very healing. Should bring the kids too.

I set back to Melaka by 1230. The traffic was initially OK but then accidents happen. so to clear the area, there were emergency services and also the PLUS truck. You know that little parade they do when they line up 4 trucks in a row and slow down the traffic so that their team can clear the lanes from debris and all. By the time, I reached Melaka it was about 230pm and I wanted to get the Avocado drinks from MITC but hey, the store’s already shut down. I headed to Batu Berendam instead for the coconut shakes, fried snacks and my kid’s polka dot apam. It was a tiring day. I hope we, Malaysian citizens made the right choice.

Park Inn by Radisson Putrajaya

But it’s in Kajang. Yet, far from the crowd.

This hotel looks so majestic and radiant at night. I did not get to take a photo because it was raining and I just wanted to check in as quickly as I can. As usual, I booked my stay through Agoda.Com. I chose the non-smoking Deluxe Room (28m2 room) with 2 double beds at RM339.20 per night including tax and fees. It comes with FREE Breakfast and FREE Wifi. I wished I could stay longer but we had to return to Melaka the following day. We were staying there for the night because we plan to try their hi-tea buffet at the restaurant. It’s a get-together to celebrate Haneem’s birthday and my brother, matin. They are birthday buddies.

The breakfast spread was wonderful. I really loved their dhal. Ym god, it is just dhal but it’s like really good dhal. Vegetable dhal pulak tu. With the roti bom. The 24 hour gym is also very inviting but I did not bring my gear. I did not know that they had a pool or I would have brought my kids swimming suits.

I managed to complete part of my OUM assignment at the hotel too.

At night, we slept like a Tetris game. To fit onto the Kingsize bed. My kids should be grateful that their mother is petite. I can snuggle anywhere between them.

The next day after check out we headed to the RPG Restaurant. At the hotel lobby. A few weeks ago, I’ve already made a reservation for 7 adults and 5 children. Payment details were :

RM52.90nextt x 6 adults = RM317.40 (1 FOC)

RM31.70 nett x 3 kids = RM95.10 ( cause 2 kids were below the payment age)

My sister bought cakes and presents for the meet-up. The hi-tea spread was OK. I really loved their western options, the kambing soup and of course the dessert table. I had lots of rojak buah. Fully recommended.

Organizing Diabetes Day 2022

Planning and organizing this programme was a learning curve.

Human resource stuff. Funding stuff. Logistic stuff. Part of my miscellaneous task includes printing out certificates, present hunting and creating montage. This is my first time using Canva to create videos. I had no idea you could make one so easily. I am contemplating getting the Pro version. I was swayed to get Spotify Premium just for this event as I wanted background music to always play while participants were registering. So now there’s no more music interruption on Spotify and I can download my tracks to play offline.

One of the most valuable lessons was in communication. Learning how to talk to the boss, and team members (the good and the bad), physical communication, and online communication..

  1. The beginning is always the hardest, once it looks easy, more people want to be part of it.

    2. Teamwork Works when the Core Members are strong

    3. Sometimes you have to be authoritative in your approach.
    Saya nak ni. Saya nak tu
    Sediakan bla bla bla

    4. A multidisciplinary programme requires skills to not only work with the leaders of other units but also to overcome issues pertaining to the Generation Gap. Aged members or those too young may not understand where your ideas are coming from.

    5. Having said that, we cannot change how other leaders choose to run their units. Especially when the practice is ‘ memang biasa kita buat mcm ni’.

    6. Organizing a programme/outreach is fun when you have Money, Human Resources and No Redtapes. Nak pinjam board utk tampal poster promosi pun kena surat seminggu before programme. In the end, I used my Elaun keraian to support the programme. I printed out our own certificates using my trusted Brother printer at home.

    7. Patients can change. Patients can improve with the right psychological state and an appropriate biological intervention

    7. Malaysians enjoy free things – so we prepared mini goodies to bring back home.

    8. To lead means having the skills to delegate – knowing who can do what task. Failure to do so results in the head shouldering most of the responsibilities. For some people we give instructions, and they can carry out and consult back accordingly. Some need to have their work scrutinized with frequent checks.
    Let’s just say that I learned my lesson.

    9. Creativity means different to different people. What you imagine/envision may not be properly interpreted by some. So, if the results are acceptable, you kinda learn to just shut one eye.

    10. Show up and face the challenges
The award recipients and The Team

I submitted our event to the International Diabetic Federation committee for consideration to be featured on their site. We will see how it goes.

With god’s will, we will plan more activities for Hypertension and Asthma next year.

DSAI is Malaysia’s 10th PM


He was once described by foreign media as a moderated Islamist.

Honestly, when it comes to being a Muslim, it is either being one or not. There is no liberal, moderate or extreme. That is a label concocted by the West. However, since it is difficult for them to understand the Muslim point of this, we will just have to be content with such labels for now. What differentiates one Muslim from another is how they individually choose to practice their religion. To each their own but they shouldn’t justify their shortfalls by championing liberalism. Orang kata pandai buat, pandai simpan – if you truly want to uphold the belief of it is between ‘me and Allah’. Do not put it on being modern and up-to-date. Islam is after all Syumul. Having said that, we should also refrain ourselves from judging another person, especially when it is based on 1 question. I would be very uncomfortable if someone suddenly asked me ‘do you support polygamy?: It is permissible in Islam and the answer is very delicate as opposed to a firm Yes or NO.

One of the things I am looking forward to with DSAI becoming our PM is his ministers in the cabinet. He said that it will be led by technocrats. In short, people who know what they are doing, are experts in those fields. DSAI is known to be a great orator – it would be great to see him give his speech on an international platform. It boosts Malaysian confidence you know especially when we go overseas.

The parliament will hold the first assembly I think sometime in mid-Dec. Malaysians will stay tuned.