End of Year Mini Party and also a mini anniversary at Billionaire Concept Cuisine Restaurant

It was one of those urges to just feed the people. Feed my team. Feed my ‘surrogate family’. So I decided to throw a mini party. No potluck. No speech. No proper boss – just us little people in the unit having a bit of fun and mingling. Plus I haven’t been going to a party or a gathering for a while. I do admit that I’d be absent on purpose most of the time because at these events involving more than 10 people – the introvert side of myself tends to take control. I just don’t feel like socializing unless I’m really in my comfort zone in the right circle of people.


I wanted to have balloons and decor – but it took too much effort. And thinking. Plus I was post-call. Train of thought was honestly ‘lum-py’ at the time. I bought mostly jajan and air kotak. I had my nurse buy simple breakfast for the day.

2015 party

Within seconds – word passed around …

“there’s food in the MO room”

I gave my female colleagues a face mirror each. My dear medical officers have one too – cute little hearts.

Later in the evening Mr Husband and I celebrated our 5th year wedding anniversary at Billionaire Concept Cuisine Restaurant at Taman Lagenda. Here, they only take CASH. Being a woman who prefers carrying a debit card – I had to korek2 celah kerusi and sofa for hidden stash.

We ordered the fish and chip, macaroni and cheese, kids meal (meatballs + free juice), apple juice and raspberry lime citrus drink. It totalled up to less than RM65. I thought the portion was huge and worth the price. The drinks were expensive and not much of a choice unless you’re into all those hipster sinful sugary drinks which have caramel, oreo and whipped cream in one mug. The meal tasted OK as a whole – Mr Husband commented that the mac & cheese tasted like the ones he had in Russia as a student, so it must have tasted good. Ee finished his meatballs and his juice  – so thats a good sign too.

billionaire concept cuisine

A toast for many wonderful years ahead. 


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