Thistle Port Dickson Resort And Spa

It’s an all in hotel where you can just have a truly relaxing and enjoyable stay within the compound itself. Not only they have a wonderful swimming pool, an in-house spa and private beach, the resort also have plenty of activities for kids! And if that still does not entice you – hey, there’s a Pokestop and PokeGym on site too. You don’t even have to leave the hotel to gain levels and search for Pokemon.


We were there because Mr Husband had a conference to attend. Since it coincides with my birthday – he decided to not share a room with his roommate and instead upgraded his options just so Ee and I could tag along. It was definitely quality time between Mother and Son.

It was a 4D3N stay. The room size and facilities were top notch. Yelah.. its a RM375 rate room per night but Mr Husband just paid like a bit lah.. kira top up jak.



Mr Husbands programmes starts at 8AM till 5PM. While he cracks his head for poster presentations and group work stuff – both me and my son decided to explore PD. We went to the Ostrich Farm, PD Waterfront, 3D Alive Art Gallery,  Oceania Mall (sgt usang).. had meals at the Cowboy Nasi Kukus place, plenty of cendols and coconut drinks plus a McD Happy Meal with Chocolate Cone ice cream.


We are usually back by noon as I need to perform my Zuhr prayers. Cannot jamak. It’s just 66KM away. In the afternoon when the weather is scorching hot – we’d stay indoors and entertain ourselves at the facilities on site.

THISTLE has a media room for kids where they’d play animation movies on the projector. Macam pegi wayang lahh. We wanted to watch  Frozen but missed its screening time, so we went for Penguin Madagascar and Kungfu Panda on 2 consecutive days. Ee enjoyed the Lego Room very much. Strangely he was not a fan of the kiddies swimming pool. He said he doesn’t want to fall sick playing in the pool. Fine by me – I don’t have to get changed in a burkini. Da ketat dahh… bluek


If you have the monetary capacity and need to pamper yourself without moving much muscle – Thistle is the best place to go. Besides, I have yet to try the Spa.



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