A lovy dovey La Patisefrance weekend ..

It was a simple Saturday. Although I was on-call the next day, ( oh how I dread weekend calls) I still managed to squeeze some time with my mini family, showering each other with little acts of love to stock up during my absence over the weekend.

The early morning started with breakfast together and basic household chores. One of which I dread the most is mopping the kitchen floor and sorting the laundry. Thank God for washing machines and a husband who loves to hang out the laundry. And Thank god for the wife who loves folding the laundry. NOT!

Lunch was at the in laws house so I was secretly thrilled in not having to crack my head to think of a dish. Later, we just went jalan2 at Old Jusco and Melaka Mall along the AMJ highway. Both shopping complexes were having sales at their respective departmental stores – I was not in the shopaholic mood – so we just went to a comfy little bakery for pastry and ice cream at the Melaka Mall foyer. It was Patisefrance.

Patisefrance Bakery
Melaka Mall, Lebuh Ayer Keroh,
75450 Malacca, Melaka


The pastry selection was so & so but Hazeeq who loves roti ate everything that has cheese or sausages to it. I had a Danish pastry and Mr Husband ordered gelato. Price was cheap and reasonable.

makan.. makan.. dan makan..

We talked about work – couldn’t help it – we’re both medical professionals. We also talked about our next proposed trip to Thailand. We gossiped about colleagues. We bitched about evil people in general and how more of us should make an effort to be nice to each other. We commented on the many groups of young boys and girls loitering at the mall – without purpose and just playing with their phones.

In the tabloid, there were news of a celebrity couple breaking up and Mr Husband commented out loud of how these people should know what they’re getting into prior to marriage.

“Like I know how you wouldn’t be able to make it to all family functions, that you won’t be home at most nights because you’re on-call and that you don’t cook as well as other people – and yet you make the best spaghetti meatball in the whole wide world”

And I choose to take the last statement as a compliment. Ha ha ha.


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