Dinner at Sukiya in August. Today.

August will be a crucial month for my family as we make preparations for a new phase in our life. This will be the first time during our time being married, to be apart for a duration of more than 3 days (at least) as Mr Husband will be pursuing his studies in a different state and I will be the sole parent of EE on most weekdays with the aide of my in-laws. Alhamdulilah, for wonderful in- laws.

We try not to be anxious. To be honest –  I think this new adventure would be quite interesting as I am planning my very own ‘5S di rumah bersama Ee’ project whilst Mr Husband is away. I enjoy the idea of giving Mr Husband surprises regarding our cosy little home everytime he comes over for the weekend or holidays be it an inspiring one or just weird.

We try to spend time quality time together despite our busy and hectic schedule both work-related and social obligations. Even if it means just lying down in the same room and falling asleep while Big Hero 6 is on TV. Yes, that is still quality time as our feet tickles each other softly in a very tired manner. Ha ha.

Earlier tonight, we did the extraordinary. We had dinner outside on a weekday night and dined-in instead of the usual tapau. There were not much of a crowd at Aeon today and Ee was at his best behaviour. We had our respective gyudon meals at the Sukiya japanese restaurant – certified as HALAL (feels the urge to inform this before somebody decides to run amok yelling sake!!!)

The beef gyudon with cheese is tasty. So is the teriyaki chicken meal set. I have yet to try Japanese curry and am honestly intrigued to know how it taste like. Watching the japanese people eat their version of curry on TV looks so delicious. Well, maybe next visit. Too much calories in one day.

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Ambience was nice. Price was deemed reasonable after a very fulfilling meal. Apparently, they also have promotions on lunch sets daily. Do check it out. Dinner was simple and we managed to gulp it down in less than an hour in between our conversations regarding work and gossips – hence free parking!

We reached home soon enough and my boys were already in Slumberland once their head touches the pillow. zzzZzzz


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