Malacca Premium Outlet, Cendol Bakar & Rojak

Perhaps a valuable lesson to teach your young uns is of how to do window shopping – and that was exactly what we did at Malacca’s newest shopping attraction  – Freeport Malacca (Premium) Outlet.


It has the usual things  – the windmill was pretty. My boy loved it a lot. We tried on shoes and clothes but we did not buy anything. Ntahlah .. tkde nafsu nak beli apa2. After all we are saving our mullah for our ‘delayed honeymoon trip’ next month.


This also means skilfully distracting our boy from going into Toy World and making up creative excuses for him to not go on the carousel or indulge in money related activities. kedekut.



We did have lunch at the foodcourt though. Expensive. Whadya expect? But since Ee finished his spaghetti meal – it was worth every penny. Despite not buying anything, we spent nearly 2 hours day strolling and checking out every store – comparing prices from what it should be outside the outlet. I’d say it’s quite  a bargain for the quality of things one could get from there. Perhaps they’d be even greater discounts during festive seasons. At least I know now where to get a nice pair of Santa Barbara Polo Racquet shoes …

I loved the open concept. I wish there were more trees or shady areas. Perhaps it will be in many years to come.

Our adventure did not stop there. We also made a pit stop at Cendol Bakar Drive thru. Ordered 2 VIP cendol before heading off to Alor Gajah to buy its famous rojak. A day well spent.


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