Ramadhan Staycation at Tan’yaa Hotel

My sister invited the BSP & Melaka clan to join them for Iftar the last 2 weeks. l was looking forward to it because I know that my BIL always cooks the best meals. This time, Mr Husband booked a room at Tan’yaa Hotel in Cyberjaya. It was a one-bedroom suite with a mini living area, office area, kitchen and fridge. Most importantly, there is a microwave that could heat food for Sahur.

We departed from our house at 600pm and stopped by McDonalds near the Ayer Keroh highway. Husband ordered some the new beef foldover for Iftar. Mine has garlic sauce in it – never felt healthier. We performed Jamak prayers once we reached the hotel. The hotel is very near to the DPulze Shopping Centre in Cyberjaya if you’re keen to stretch your legs there and do a bit of 10,000 langkah.

I captured some parts of the room’s interior in this short Youtube video. I think for future room tours, I need to make it longer. Macam tak puas kan tengok..

I brought some instant noodles, oats and bread for our 1st day of Sahur. On the 2nd morning, we ate the leftovers we tapau from the iftar at my sister’s house. The hotel provides in room services for Sahur as well but we thought the price was kinda steep for the amount of food they prepare.

Iftar at my sister’s house was great of course. I cannot wait for Raya!!