Melaka Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary

Since Mr husband is busy – I had to make myself busy. Honestly, on weekends that I’m not oncall, I just want to cocoon myself at home and do nothing. is that too much too ask? because once I ‘find my legs’ – not even marriage could chain me to the house. My Mother is an example. But Mr Husband dislikes seeing me doing that it seems – its like Im an abandoned fat hippo or something. He wants me to do something – well.. aku malas nak kemas rumah kalau dia ada.. semua benda tk kena.. so.. I went out.

So I brought my son to the less popular Melaka Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary. To demonstrate how unpopular it is – when we arrived at 10AM, there were only 5 visitor cars at the carpark and when we neared the ticketing booth – only then did they play some sort of welcoming music through the loudpseakers. Ha ha. When we left, the crowd was not getting any bigger at the car park. There were still less than 20 cars on a Sunday.

It’s a place much smaller than our local zoo.

A White Peacock

Admission fee were;

RM18 for adults (no MyKad or MyKid needed)

RM12 for children (3 – 12 years)

I was looking forward to the butterfly sanctuary – I imagined the habitat to be like something out of Avatar – but no, it wasn’t. Not totally disappointed because I think the curators made an equally beautiful effort. I had no idea butterflies feed on soursop fruit as well. Hehe..

My son loved the reptiles. I hated it. He even wanted to go into the snake sanctuary. Hell no am I walking in there with the snake dangling from the trees! Euwwww euww euwww.. it becomes gross when I imagine them sneaking on you. Its OK if I see them at work or around someone else’s neck.

We also fed the Koi fishes and bought the packet food for RM1.

Hazeeq got to practice on his throwing skills. LOL.. We thought we were to feed the Koi’s at the bridge but it turned out that they had a special area for the Koi’s themselves. So yeh.. we finished it quite early. He he..

This place is OK for that once in 5 years sort of thing unless they have new animals or bigger sanctuary.

Few recommendations : More rabbits would be fun especially for petting. Or a snake informative video session – the ones where you get to sit in a dark auditorium and they tell you about snakes and stuff. Or you could put a ranger in that snake sanctuary so visitors wouldn’t be afraid to step in because someone is in there to bail you out if something happens.Ha ha..

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