Pak Putra Tandoori and Naan Restaurant

Adventurous is not really my middle name. Hence this weekend has been fairly interesting.

First, my mother decided to gift me with 2 headscarves. Of styles and material that I would hardly choose for myself. Knowing me, Mr Husband was like, “omg.. I am dating Neelofar today!” HA ha. Very funny. Once I donned my new hijabs, I was secretly loving them. Perhaps my wardrobe needs a revamp after all.

Secondly, Mr Husband brought us to Pak Putra Tandoori and Naan Restaurant which he says serve the best tandoori chicken ever in Malacca. This joint is also loosely translated as The son of Pakistan (pak Putra)


Indeed, it was finger licking good. We had the Tandoori and Plain Naan with watermelon juice. I was impressed by its strong red colour, the succulent spicy taste of chicken and that mint chutney. Well well well… that best tandoori I had in Rusholme, Manchester is now at second place cause we have a new champion in town. Right at our own backyard.

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Mr Husband said the price has been marked up tremendously. I could not imagine how it will be with the GST implementation coming soon. But as long as the food is good, Malaysians will for sure buy wan!


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