Krabi : Food Gallery

We came mainly to try the classic Tomyam Gung and Somtam (Papaya Salad).

Soon, we discovered other simple streetfood varieties which included the famous pancakes, fresh fruits, critters, finger food like prawn tempura et cetera.

Even I had something Western on the last day of the stay. Mr Husband thought it was ridiculous to have Penne Arabiatta in Krabi. I beg to differ. I felt compelled to try Western dishes at places that carters to Western tourist. I wouldnt want my pasta to taste anywhere near to the ones served in Secret Recipe or Pizza Hut.

I shamelessly gained 4 pounds from the culinary adventure itself.

Word of caution, Thai food is spicy and not palatable to my little toddler. So he technically had bread and plain rice with clear soup to go with it. Food pricing overall, to me was reasonable. I did not feel that I had to starve for the rest of the month till payday.

Enjoy the pictures. Go on, drool!!

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8 thoughts on “Krabi : Food Gallery

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    • To be honest, I wouldnt know myself. However, I still think you can enjoy Thai food by mentioning in advance that you dont take meat. This is so they could exclude them in the dish and load more veges instead in the Tomyam.


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