Liana tiktoker

I knew it would be too good to be true for someone to build up their followers in an organic manner especially when you’ve just started a social media account. Parading a very hip lifestyle with all the expensive cars and jewellery. It all seems too easy for ‘founder’s to become rich. Does Malaysia have that many millionaires living among us? Just by selling products. And where are these products sold?

A few months ago, a name came up quite often on my FB feed about a Liana on TikTok. She allegedly breached her contract as a talent in a company that manages influencers! I mean we used to have something like Nuffnang that manages bloggers. Now there’s a new social media occupation in town – Influencers!

These companies would pull out all the stops to raise a star. It includes paying for their lavish lifestyle worthy of content on various social media platforms. It was a WOW moment to note that they can A LOT OF MONEY for each talent in the hope of getting a reciprocal income from such exposure. It makes sense that once an influencer is well known (+ number of followers), more businesses will seek them to endorse products or become an ambassador. Companies even have influencer rates if they decide to engage in one. The Gen Z’s pretty smart. Making money from this. Kinda cool. I wonder if I could ever reach that level if I have kept up with my blog since medical school. Ha ha ha.

However, looking at the trend of Malaysian influencers, I don’t think my personality fits in the scene cause they are LOUD. You have to show a lot of things and be really open with your life. At the expense of privacy but then that is what social media is, right? You need to decide and control what you choose to upload online.

I don’t really know what was the ending for Liana’s case but I bet more prospects are now searching for that talent agency.

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