Slap to teach

When this incident made it to the news, I knew I had to watch the video. I googled ‘video viral coach tampar’ and a short clip showed what happened. The coach, a big guy, slapped two minors on their cheeks. That was not the only disturbing thing in the clip. There are some observations about this that I just cannot fathom.

  • The girls did not flinch. It seemed almost normal to them for a grown-ass man to just slap them in the face. It seemed OK to get hit because it was an act of love, an act of concern, to improve their performance in sports. This does not sit well with me because in the future these ladies will end up just like their coach, committing physical violence to god forbid, their children because they want to teach something. Or end up being the receiving end of a punch, a kick or another slap from their partner, their family member, or offending authorities – without a complaint because they thought it serves them right to commit such mistakes.
  • Some people side with the coach’s actions while quoting their experience of being assaulted in their younger years. They justified those experiences as ‘tough love’.
  • The parents of the kids forgave the coach’s actions. to forgive is fine since the coach apologized heartily but then to allow the coach to continue training their children is not just awkward but horrifying. It puzzles me more that the kids approve of this form of ‘coaching’ and still want to continue training with him. The amount of trust and reliance they have on this coach surpassed their ability to be cautious of what may follow. If this was an adult team than so be it, but this is an underage team!

I am glad the cycle has been broken. By authorities. At least for a short while.

For affected parties to reflect on why the decision became to such even though they disagree. To me, slapping and hitting violently under the idea of ‘to teach’ just doesn’t sit well in the current society norm. I am sure it is not only Malaysia that has remnants of this hitting culture. I saw a few scenes in KDramas that have this theme. Of teachers hitting their students in the face. Not so sure if it really happens in current times for in dramas they never really show what happens to the teacher that hit Woo Young Woo in the face when she asked about her eyelid surgery.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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