About Minci

If you believe the world is small, you can make a difference.

Hello 2023

Note : this site was previously using the mincisensei.com domain. So if you wanted to read a blogpost and upon clicking on the link ( especially on another blog entry) , found that the post is missing – it is probably because it has the mincisensei link to it. So, I would suggest just using the SearchBox and type what you are looking for.

mincimoss.com is merely a platform for me to jot down itsy bitsy stuff on the things I do, see or read. I have no intention to be a life guru, mind you. I just want to write. And leave my mark [read; good marks] on cyberspace. Just so my great grandchildren could see how their moyang looks like as a young lady. Ha ha ha. On the condition, that the Apocalypse does not occur earlier.

I started blogging in medical school, took a long break during housemanship because of time constraints and later picked it up when I was a medical officer. I am still that quiet, introverted person I am since my younger years. Haven’t had a personality change at all despite the monstrous ordeal of working as part of the medical fraternity. I still believe in being kind to everyone although my use of profanity has reached super saiya level in the car whilst driving.

I dated several men. Broke off a few relationships. Build new, productive ones.

I travelled. I moved states.

I got married and bore two children. A son and a daughter.

I have a strong affection for cute stationaries and the Kawaii culture. HOBONICHI has become my favourite Lifebook and I hope to continue using it for many years to come. I am a big fan of Blackpink, TWICE, Red Velvet and BTS.

I stan the Hyung line – Suga, J-Hope, Jin & RM. Please say HI to SUGA for me if you ever meet him. TQ.

No, I did not manage to secure the merchandise. The internet was damn slow in this country. Even the VLIve notification came 10 minutes late. *rolleyes*

Career-wise I have decided not to pursue any medical speciality. Instead, I am embarking on an alternative journey altogether as a future psychologist (hopefully). That chapter of my life is on my other blog NotaMinci.

Here is my cyber handshake “Hi, nice to meet you! Let’s get connected”


8 thoughts on “About Minci

  1. Hi Minci dear, hope u still remember me Kak Coops (we used to email each other before when u were still studying medic). Been searching for u high and low dear..glad to know that u are doing well as a doctor and yay, oredi hv a kid πŸ™‚


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