Tabung Minci 2019

Nobody becomes poor by giving

I am not quite sure how the momentum of my Tabung Minci has become so far. I just hope that whatever I do, it will benefit at least someONE for that particular time.

Apart from the usual beneficiaries of TM eg; islamic relief, mercy malaysia.. I try to extend sedeqah to those nearer to me. These are the activities that I have been up to in 2019.

My resources for Tabung Minci comes from my monthly elaun keraian and also from the money that people owed me and paid me back. It is hope that whatever amal that I do, the tempias would kena to those who indirectly banked into the account as well.

Tabung Minci is not always exclusive to helping the poor and the less priviledged. Sometimes I invest it in classes, courses or majlis ilmu which could InsyaAllah – if I then share whatever I’ve learnt from that, the benefits would rollover to other people and so on. In other words, hoping for Pahala Pasif. Malaysians love that. It does have an Islamic nuance to it although at the end of the day – only Allah knows what lies within the intentions of your heart.

Praying for a more productive, fruitful 2020.

Create your own tabung sedekah and start giving.