Tutti frutti : You & Me

Love  means to commit yourself without guarantee.
Anne  Campbell

Sometimes you cannot help it by jumping on the Trend/Urban bandwagon as well. The so called healthier option of eating frozen yoghurt as opposed to the good ol ice-cream. Undeniably, it does taste good and psychologically does make you ‘feel healthier’. Yes, Im talking about Tutti Frutti.

I chose RedVelvet. Mr Husband has a swirl of chocolate and vanilla. Then, we ‘decorated’ our yoghurt with fruits etcetera, sat at one of the tables and just did some people-watching.

Love  is being stupid together.
Paul Valery

There were people with families, couples on dates and of course boarding school students on their weekly outings.

Best of all, it was our Us Session. No baby. No parents. No Inlaws. Just us.


tutti frutti

A Taste of Tutti Frutti

“I’ve got more important things to think about. I’ve got a yogurt to finish by today, the expiry date is today”
Gordon Strachan

Finally. We siblings managed to complete our quest for Tutti Frutti, the much acclaimed yoghurt craze thingy. It was sold at MYR53/kg and our purchases totalled up to MYR49.80. A bit of a shock to be honest, as we werent expecting such a lavish price tag. But the yoghurt was awesome. Not worth the money (in view of its amount) but defo worth the experience. Yalah.. drive ke Taipan bah semata-mata mok makan Tutti frutti.

Our selections:

  • chocolate flavored yog with strawberries
  • blueberry flavored yog with bits of candy
  • strawberry flavored yog with nuts and pear slices
  • soya bean flavored yog with Hersheys sauce

Bro M had the soy flavored yoghurt but he ‘accidentally’ finished it before we had the chance to have a round of tasting each flavor. To him, it tasted like Haagen Daaz ice cream. Whoa. I need to try the second time.