“I looked him up on Facebook”


” Facebook is like fridges. You know theres nothing inside but you keep checking it every five minutes”




Mr Husband and I went to Putrajaya yesterday to meet a very specific man by the name of Mr K. Its been days now since his last interaction with Mr Husband regarding our transfer to Malacca for our next posting (as Medical Officers). The admin office in Kuching has been pestering us on the formal transfer letter [read: snail mail is dead slow in this part of Malaysia] and we in turn had to push this Mr K to have everything fast-forwarded by fascimile.

Mr K was really adamant that he has fulfilled his responsibility and convinced us that  he’s faxed the hospital in Kuching our transfer letters but the problem is.. where has it gone missing? Especially when the admin office kept saying that they havent received it. So we decided to get to the bottom of things and made a ‘short’ trip to Putrajaya. FROM MALACCA.

On the way to his office, Mr Husband suddenly stopped in his tracks.

“What? Why are we stopping?”

“Thats him, Mr K. I just saw him got into his car. And its not even 4PM yet”

“How would you know?”

“I looked him up in Facebook. I know he’s married to someone from bla bla bla. That he was born in the year 19** ” and he went on and on reciting every single fact he knows about this stranger, Mr K.

Yes, Mr Husband has developed this habit of searching and looking up everyone on Facebook. If he reads about someone in the papers, he’ll ‘expand’ his reading on them on Facebook. Hence, for those who did not update their security settings.. well, you’ll get someone like Mr Husband taking a glimpse of your profile. Of how you look, your age, your family etc.

Dangerous, huh?

Back to our little mishap. It seemes that Mr K was a fib. He never did faxed over the transfer letter. Thank God Mr Husband still has a week to report himself for his new duty.


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