S4Ep15 – Love Yourself & Others

We show love in various ways.

To ourselves, by taking care of our physical and mental wellbeing. Eat well, rest well and mingle with the right crowd.

To others, it can be demonstrated by being present, supportive or having their well-being in mind. There’s no manual on how to do it right. That’s good, cause that means we get to try every method under the sun to find that perfect fit. Love shows by celebrating, so show it off. Make it seen.

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Get the kids in bed early

If there is one tip I could give to mothers in improving their physical and mental well-being is that – try to get your kids in bed early.

Mothers always yearn for ME TIME. The meaning differs from one mother to another but the concept is the same – having time for yourself. It can mean getting your beauty touch-ups done, time to enjoy a movie, shopping, studying or worship. It could be taking a rest from the rest of the family to just do nothing and get some quality sleep. If you have an understanding partner, they will learn to give you that time even without you asking for it. Otherwise, it will be up to us to make it happen.

If my husband is around, he would usually give me My Time on Friday afternoons – the long break between office hours or certain hours over the weekend when he brings the kids to play with their cousins at the grandparent’s house (5 mins away).

My Me Time means I could focus on my part-time studies, eat in peace and just enjoy simple things that bring me joy. I do not have a specific day for it and it usually happens at random times of the week. But one thing I am sure of is that I try to make my nights free from the kids. Which is why I turn them in early. For now, early means before 10pm. But they rarely go past 930pm unless there is a special occasion. For example, takbir raya, big family activities etc. Most of the time, especially on school nights, the house is quiet by 9pm. Leaving me to attend to my own matters such as studying, cleaning the house, doing laundry, soaking in a bathtub, extra TLC to the skin and all. Of course, I am also tempted to turn in early which I usually do anyway.

So, how does it work? Don’t the kids rebel against sleeping early? So far, not much drama. They are manageable.

I finish work by 5 pm and after fetching the kids from daycare and religious school, I would usually be able to reach home by 6PM. Latest, by 615pm. I would prepare a simple dinner. Sometimes, my MIL would give us a tiffin meal if she cooks extra. In the meantime, the kids will respectively take their own evening showers, turn on the air conditioner for the bedroom and resort to their own activities until it is time to eat.

My eldest son would use the time to complete his homework. My younger daughter would either sit with him at the table doing her ‘homework’ scribbling something, read a picture book or play with her toys. I don’t allow them to watch Tv or play games on the mobile phone on a school night. So, once my son is done with his homework, he would usually read a comic book or assemble his lego. It’s a different scenario when their father is home. He is pretty liberal with TV time but that only happens on a Thursday night when he is back for his weekly visit. He is working in a different state. In other words, I oversee the kids more on their academic days.

Taking the husband out of the picture, we usually have our dinner by 7pm. Followed by Maghrib prayer and then with whatever that the kids want to do. By 8 till 830pm, I’d already been reminding them to keep their toys away and for the son, to pack his bag for tomorrow’s class. The kids would then have their milk – a mug for my son and a bottle for the girl. I have restarted my son on taking milk properly as I find that he has problems with his teeth. It is gradual with the plaque and loosening but I don’t really want all of them to fall off. He needs the calcium for his teeth and bones. Lights are off once they finished their milk and that is when my Me Time starts.

How do you allocate your Me Time?

With You –

The noonas goin Jimin-aaahhh, Jimin-aaaahhh

Love the melody but the lyrics are bittersweet. Otherwise, it would have been a great song for weddings.

My heart is beating cause of you

Forever and ever and ever

Only you can take my heart

Our Eid in 2022

Malaysians depend on the kalendar kuda a lot. Eid was anticipated to fall on the 3rd of May this year. However, the formal announcement on television on the night of May 1st confirmed that Eid will be the day after, the 2nd of May. Needless to say, most of the moms panicked. I was calm simply because I had no plans to cook rendang or anything that night. My husband and my son changed into their baju melayu top and headed to the masjid as they prepared to go for their traditional takbir rounds.

Like previous Day 1 of Eid, it’ll be the visit to my MIL’s house first, to eat and perform solat raya. And then, we would go for visits to the usual elders. A few have passed away. Then, we’d usually shoot to where my parents live. Only this year, it’s just dad and my siblings.

The fam at my dad’s house also took their family photo (image below). My brother in law is not in the photo because he is still working. This time around, my little family checked into a hotel at Bangi, Le-Venue Hotel. So, we rested at the hotel first before we went for the Eid dinner at my sister’s place.

The usual Raya dishes for us are the ayam masak merah and daging masak hitam. I am not really a fan of rendang but my husband loves them a lot. My youngest brother brought his girlfriend to come and see us. We can tell that he was pretty smitten with this young lady as he never brought the other girls over to meet us before.

Day 2 Raya: Nice and easy. Had a lunch date with my dad and the other brother at Pak John’s Steamboat and BBQ place. We’ve been here once when I did this review under the butterfly project. I am forever grateful to Tammy for giving me the opportunity to do so even though I don’t have a lot of followers. I’ve kind of lost them when I stopped blogging during Ho-ship. Of course, after 4 years, the price per pax has gone up but it is still okay. I didn’t see any premium selection during our visit this time though. maybe sebab Raya or memang dah takde. The waffles were also not available but we have cendol instead.

Day 3 Raya: An early checkout because we need to arrive Segamat early. It’s my MIL’s side of the family gathering. I’ve always enjoyed the meet-up cause we have games and lucky draw prizes to be won. Almost everyone will most certainly walk out with a gift. Or a very full stomach at least.

The Son won coins worth RM5 in his roll the ball contest. The daughter did not win the colouring contest but like the other contestants, they get to keep the colours for free. Plus, at the end of the day, everyone gets packet money and goodies in a tupperware. I returned to work by Day 4 of Eid and honestly, I felt like a lemau cookie.

Noticeable signs of ageing in me

I aim to age with grace. Even then, it doesn’t mean that I will let myself go. Perhaps, the most difficult thing so far is to shed a few pounds. I keep renewing my resolutions. Exercise is so hard to do. In the meantime, age builds onto yourself together with life wisdom and experience. I cannot fight the physical changes of ageing as it is bound to happen. So the next best thing is to embrace it with measures that will make you happy.

It kind of makes sense why some people turn to aesthetic services. I didn’t really get the purpose before but now that I am approaching 40, I can see why. This is because you begin to see obvious changes in your physical appearance. While some can be less visible with skincare and nutrition, others may require intervention (if one chooses to do so).


Acne locations rarely occur at the T-zones. Instead, they conquer the perioral and chin area. Which is a nuisance. As this is the place where you eat and usually touch as you ponder on something and all. It gets worse with now that you are wearing masks to protect yourself from Covid-19. The acne sometimes turn into pustules and when it bursts, causes scarring to the face. The problem is, acne happens with the menstrual cycle. Since I’m getting older, with less collagen and slower healing properties, the acne would pop at the SAME PLACE and the scar never fully heals. It can be frustrating.

Solution. for this, it needs a combination of good skincare and nutrition to provide particles that help in building that skin barrier. As of now, I am very consistent with my toner, moisturizer, sunscreen and retinol regime. Every now and then, I would use a beauty mask sheet at night for extra moisture and improve skin complexion. I am also currently adding on a sleeping lip mask from Laneige for plumpier lip appearance. I incorporated lots of salad in my diet. I am trying to get more apples on board. As for supplements, I am now consuming the soluble vitamin C you buy in Watson (any brand is fine) and Gluthathione for its anti-oxidant properties. The latter costs a bomb. So I plan to use it for at least 6 months and make further decisions from there.


I’ve had grey hair since my early 30s. It’s a genetic thing I noticed that happens to my maternal side of things. The grey strands also grow in a specific area which is at the front part that frames your face. It’s like the ones Rogue have in X-Men. To me, it looks great but with time, when the hair texture becomes less silky and smooth, the head looked a bit too frizzy and somehow I resemble a hagged witch.

Solution. To improve the hair condition means using good hair products. Again, proper nutrition. And recently, I turned it Gumash Hair Colour, a henna based hair dye to kind of give highlights to my hair and improved it’s texture. Personally, I think a trip to the hair salon regularly would solve the problem by getting some sort of hair treatment done.


Because I make Youtube videos that feature only the bottom half of my face – it does look strikingly obvious. It’s as though I sulk all the time with a glum mood when in fact, it is just my normal resting face. This, I cannot really do anything because it has to do with face muscles. I will need to do some more reading on perhaps some exercise that could lift that muscle or go for an aesthetic procedure. I think I read somewhere that they can use fillers of some sort.


Previously in Ramadhan, it is easy to lose between 2-3Kg during the month. Nowadays, the scale stays the same number even though I am on a calorie deficit. This inevitably means that exercise is the only way possible for me to lose more inches to my current body shape. My BMI is overweight and I’d really want to achieve an ideal BMI. The clothes would look better on me honestly, because finding a ready-made petite wear is difficult because of the cutting. The cuttings are usually for someone with an ideal BMI. The current me is petite but with a body size of those who are taller. Gosh, how do I even explain this. Ha ha ha.

That’s kind of a few changes I have observed in myself so far. Do you experience them too?