Johor Trip : Scholars Inn

 “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” 

Martin Buber

I have always loved travelling. Be it just a two hour drive from Kuching to Sematan beach for a one night stay there. And I dont mind doing it alone. So when an opportunity came for me to attend a course on Obs & Gynae Life Saving Skills in HSAJB , I was super excited. And since Im not single anymore, its only natural that I try to include my family into this event as well. Something like a family trip.

We squeezed ourselves into my Saga FLX – atok, nenek, myself, Mr Husband and Baby Zeeq. We stayed at a hotel that most Johoreans appararently had never heard off. THE SCHOLARS INN.
Maybe because its located inside UTM itself rendering its rather ‘exclusive’ and ‘smart-sounding’ place of stay. Add an owl to the entrance, its almost like a modern Hogwarths. Most importantly the room rates were fairly reasonable. We stayed in a 2 bedroom suite for just less than MYR 200 and boy it was comfortable enough for the whole family to bunk in.

Theres no problem to find food either since there’s the Scholars Cafe. The service is a bit slow especially during peak hours but the food taste awesome. Or was I damn hungry that night?

Im pretty sure they had a mini gym as well but I didnt have time to check it out. Over all, Scholars Inn earned 5 Minci Stars.


3 thoughts on “Johor Trip : Scholars Inn

  1. Kak min,
    Sy takde d UTM skrg..kalau ade knfem pegi lawat kak min n baby parents always love staying there in scholars inn. The suite is too comfortable for the price we paid, I think.

    Kak min, another better cafe in utm is mak jah..give it a try. Lempeng kelapa for breakfast is one of my all time favorites.

    How will you be in JB?


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