TOCCA Mini Discovery Set

My favourite perfume used to be Ralph Lauren Style but it’s not produced anymore. Apart from the nice scent, I think I loved it because it has sentimental value. It was a gift from one of my best friends I call Mimie. I still keep the bottle and the very little volume it has left at the bottom. It is a scent I go back to from time to time whenever I miss her or my time back in Manchester.

My husband gifted me with a few perfume brands when we got married. My sister too but none of them have managed to topple down RL Style from its throne yet. Which makes me open to the idea of trying as many perfumes as I can. I am not loyal to anything yet.

Recently I purchased TOCCA. To be honest, I have never heard of the brand before but it looked so cute on Shopee. The trial set looked so aesthetic that I needed to get my hands on it. They have very subtle scents and it doesn’t last that long. Mine lasts for less than 2 hours which makes me doubt its authenticity.

SIMONE – Highlights: Watermelon, frangipani, ylang ylang. It has a very fresh smell to it. The kind that you would use after a shower having completed a strenuous gym session or a heavy day at work. After the shower, you prepare a meal and just lounge in the living room with Netflix and your partner. I really like this one.

FLORENCE – Highlights: Bergamot, pear, gardenia. This one has a Spa vibe to it. Almost like a Balinese spa. It’s like I just came back from the spa kind of smell.

STELLA– Highlights: Blood Orange, Freesia, spicy lily. I would wear this to a funeral. You know how you hug people to comfort them? I believe the Stella hug has a fairy godmother/grandmother-ish comfort to it.

COLLETE – Highlights: Bergamot, sandalwood, pink peppercorn. I would use Collete if I have to attend a meeting dominated by men. You kind of blend in with the masculine scent. It’s like no one would notice there’s an XX in the room.

MAYA – Highlights: Wild Iris, blackcurrant, patchouli heart. This is my least favourite as I am not a fan of fruity scents. If you want to smell like Ribena, go ahead.

GIULIETTA – Highlights: Pink tulips, green apple, vanilla orchid. Another one which I do not prefer. Maybe it’s the apple. It’s like someone will put me in the blender and make me a human smoothie sort of thing. It just doesn’t work for me. I guess fruity scents work for bubbly personalities who emits the joy and fun in the world. Maybe those in the younger age group would love it.

GIA – Highlights: Pink peppercorn, tangerine, Turkish rose. I would wear this to a dinner date where there’s steak on the menu or to the opera. It’s very phantom of the opera-ish. I need a masquerade mask for the perfect OOTD.

CLEOPATRA – Highlights: Grapefruit, Jasmine, Vanilla musk. Smells like a woman with power. The power to do anything you want with a headache. I honestly cannot stand the smell. It’s too powerful for me.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference. for me, I would get the Simone in a bigger bottle if available.

Pulse Grande Hotel, Putrajaya

I wish I could say I enjoyed my stay. Unfortunately, I didn’t.

I was prepared that the place wouldn’t be as gah as it would have been before the pandemic, but I wasn’t prepared for what ensued. The only commendable thing about the whole experience was the staff. The communication skills were superb, but the service and the facilities/layout, whatever you call it, are slowly going down the drain. It would be pretty sad for all these young skilled staff to go just because the place is unable to serve as an exclusive abode for travellers.

So, what could be improved?

Check-in ritual

Taking into account that the lady could be new, I just feel that there is certain information that must be conveyed automatically to the guest. Which should be included as part of the training if you are to man the check-in counter. Such as the WIFI password, breakfast time, breakfast area and highlights of the hotel such as access to the garden park, pool, and directions to the kids club room. I felt that the lady failed to recognize that I actually booked extra service from the hotel which included the birthday room decor and kids package. It would be helpful to advise guests early regarding payment and such activities.

The rooms

My room is on the ground floor because I chose the garden view. Plus point is that it is near the breakfast cafe. The minus points are that you will be walking through the hallway that has public toilets. If they are cleaned regularly, they will not smell. Otherwise, merasalah kau bau hancing sepanjang jalan menapak ke bilik. You could also feel this damp, musty feeling as you walk through the hallway and also as I entered our room. Macam bilik yang tak pernah dapat cahaya matahari sort of thing. Lembap semacam. It is honestly very uncomfortable. The room lighting is also so malap with the switches macam haywire. Like, OMG.. porque? porque?

Not only that, my room is directly beside an open hall area where activities are held. So, be prepared to have people standing outside your hotel room door during the day. It’s like dah kenapa ko bersidai tepi pintu aku.

I was also very disappointed with the gifts that my kids get from the extra room package thing. I mean, how is a puzzle that has a tank at a dataran picture spells out cute for kids? Even if you give a standard, white embroidered towel with cute animals or flowers, the type that they can bring to the pool pun budak akan suka. But puzzle? Who’s great idea is that?

Thankfully, the birthday room decor was ACCEPTABLE although I was like, why is the Happy Birthday balloon decor in black? What happened to happier colours? I would suggest the fruits to be cut up though. Guest bukannya bawak pisau nak potong epal, oren bagai untuk kongsi dengan semua. Please don’t say something like, boleh gigit kan epal tu.. haih.. hempuk jugak lah.

Husband’s 37th birthday – yep, he is younger than me


As of most 4 or 5 star hotels, you wouldn’t see a water dispenser anywhere. Hence, you would depend on the complimentary mineral water and kettle in the room for drinks. Can you imagine the horror when you realize that in the room tetiba no remote control for the TV, no kettle and there is only ONE cup to drink your hot beverage. Itu pun, bila tengok supplies tu macam, kau ikhlas ke nak terima aku as guest ni? Seriouslah.. I have never been so pissed. So we called room services and had these problems sorted out.

sedihnya housekeeping macam ni

Room service

Room service is supposed to be convenient. People order room service because they do not want the hassle to leave the room to eat. They are willing to pay extra just so they could attend to their matters in the room while having a nice, hot meal. This hotel does not have the usual hard copy menu in the room. Instead, we have to scan a QR code. Only, they did not tell where the QR code is. Jenuhlah aku mencari dlm laci, at the check in card and all for this QR code. Only later did they say they will send the QR code to the room and to call 0 to place an order.


Might as well you give me the physical menu and take my order at the door, kan? Tapi takpe.. I will take that QR code, call O and place the order before 930pm. Now, a wait of 30 to 40 mins to me is acceptable but to wait for nearly an hour – is just ridiculous. Lebih me-ridiculouskan is that the staff said they are still busy with the buffet. Well lady, I don’t give a shit. I have kids who is having trouble to stay awake but hungry at the same time.

The food finally came. My initial order was a set of chicken briyani, honey bbq club sandwich, tomato arabiatta from the kids menu, 2 cans of Sprite and 2 additional bottled mineral water. They did not provide me with the mineral water, reason being, there’s already water in the room (masalahnya aku nak extra, and I am paying for it, part mana yg tak faham tu?) My problem with the meal was the spaghetti. They should put a chilli picture next to the menu to indicate the level of spiciness. Since it was under the kids menu, mestilah kita tak expect it wouldn’t be THAT spicy kan? Well no, it was damn spicy. Thankfully, the briyani saved the day.

Final verdict

This hotel has a really nice location. The garden park is wonderful. Cuma tuhlah.

I can imagine it’s majestic reputation at one point in time. I believe it could be what it was once again with time and a bit of improvement to the facility and service. You’ve already got the people. Until it buckles up, I have to say, it is not an option for my hotel stay in the future.

We checked in at 8pm, after hadap terrible traffic on the highway for hours, and I had imagined a night where everything is in place. I imagined a night where I could take my hot shower, hair in a turban, sipping hot coffee at the desk while eating my hot meal and watching TV. I’d imagined the kids be sleeping restfully after the meal while my husband and I have a chat. But no, it did not happen. Room service was so lambat that the kids were already asleep.

ntah berapa kali aku angkat tepon, call for this, call for that.. haih.. stress sangat. I am not paying for 280 per night taw.

I am paying RM360/night with an additional RM120 for decor (&cake) and RM125 for room service meals. Can you sense the disappointment?

In short, don’t waste your money here until you read a better review this year.

Le-Venue Hotel, Bangi Avenue

I don’t know how Mr Husband finds these cool hotels but so far his choices for bookings are not disappointing. This hotel is new. It would be popular in the new future as it has a nice exterior with eating hubs sprouting nearby. You take away the hot Malaysian weather, it looked like a place overseas in photographs.

Website: Le-venue hotel

The interior is so Instagram-mable

Our room has two double beds, and the usual mini fridge with complimentary beverages. There’s a hot shower with nice smelling bath gels. I think the restaurant has yet to be open so we had our breakfast outside. There’s a nearby Mamak but since it’s Eid, the joint is closed. So we had Mcdonald’s instead.

Bangi Wonderland, the theme park is within walking distance. So is Tesco/Lotus. And when you have Lotus, that means you have every other shop under its roof too like a Mr Diy or Guardian, at least. I would definitely book this hotel again in the future if it is still around. Not quite sure how many stars this hotel is but it sure looks like an easy 4 to 5 star to me.

I am in the middle of editing my Eid videos for Youtube – it will be kind of the 14th episode for Season 4 of my life on the channel. This means I am still hovering over episode 13. I had to reshoot my videos for ep13 because the film came out dark. Like a Batman movie and no amount of Brightness setting could fix it.

Using Kahi Multibalm in Malaysia – am I glowing?

The big question, do I glow with this? Most of time NO. I look like a fish freshly fried in the pan.

I was intrigued by this product when I saw the actress in Taxi use it. Seems that it has been around in South Korea for quite some time. How did I not hear about this before?

Kahi is said to bring on the natural glow to your skin.

Malaysian weather is super hot. Applying it wrongly will make your skin appear oily instead of glowy. Plus, for a tremendous glow effect, you somehow need to have that smooth finish first. It would look somewhat too shiny on a face that looks oily. I believe having a flawless face would help bring out that glow better.

Raving reviews said that you could use it anywhere. Indeed the size is travel friendly and easily fits into a small handbag or clutch. I use mine after zuhr prayers at work on a non-makeup face and at night on days that I don’t plan on using retinol. Simply because I have so many other skincare products to use for my retinol sandwich. This multi balm has a distinct scent. It isn’t really pleasant but not pungent either. It’s the kind of smell that gives you confidence that “this stick will make me younger as it will moisturize my skin with all the salmon benefits!”

Me applying the video during lunch break at work. After my Zuhr prayers on a no-makeup face.

Juvenile Justice

There is not an ounce of demonstrable joy in this short K-series. Yes, you do get some sort of relief when justice is served but there is no funny moment. This is a very DARK and HEART THUGGING story. It was aired on Netflix and I finished it in one day. Accompanied by 1 litre of tears, a swollen face and dehydrated eyes (if there is such a thing).

Spoiler ahead

There were stories of murder, domestic abuse, leaked exam papers, theft and gang rape. The conclusion I got from this, which correlates with what I learned in Adolescent Psychology is that parenting style has a great influence on adolescent growth and development. That it takes a village to raise a child. That if the child could not be reprimanded by their family, teachers or other adults – then the responsibility falls on the court. The law and order. Poverty, marital discord, negative peer pressure all plays a part but as Judge Sim puts it.. not everyone commits a crime when push becomes shove. A crime is still crime. Killing is still wrong no matter what pathological spin you put to it. I realized that juveniles are very cunning too.

A case involving a juvenile makes them both a perpetrator and a victim. There is a dilemma of wanting to punish them but also rehabilitate them. Biologically, they still need the opportunity to change. It is hoped that the cognitive and emotional processes that drove them to commit the crime could be rewired, and reformulated to become better people. I have seen the juveniles in our local Henry Gurney School during one of my vaccination outreach programmes. It did make me wonder, what did they do for they looked so innocent face to face. I was so glad I had my mask on due to the pandemic.

When I watched the series, I was crying buckets. I don’t know how the talents could keep their composure while filming the scenes. And the crime the kids commit was just horrible. Some had no signs of remorse which was worse. As a parent watching this, it reminded me to be more aware of our children’s needs as they grow up. Every word we say, as adults, can make or break them. The juveniles in this story did what they did, mostly because they wanted attention. They yearned for affection without being consciously aware of it. The hard-core villains started in early adolescent years and when the court failed to educate them on the consequences of harming other people, they grow up as chronic delinquents as they purely believe that what they did was not serious at all, not wrong and that the law is a joke.