Tegas, Adil & Berhemah. Yes, they are.

“Do you like being a cop?”
“I love it, when it doesn’t suck, sir.” 
―    Edward Conlon,  Blue Blood

Does working at a desk considered ‘suck’ for a police officer, I wonder.

The first time I went to the police station was when I was 12 years old. At the time, I misplaced my Identification Card (IC) and had thought I lost it. So I had to make a police report to get a replacement. God must be joking as a few weeks after that, I found my initial IC. Huhu.

That incident was purely my fault. My mistake.

However, this second time around.. my visit to the police station was to report the loss of my Practice Certificate. A very crucial document for my career especially when it comes to pursuing a Masters later in Anaesthesiology. Despite trying to solve the matter last year through two different personnels.. it was only 2 days before did I receive a call from Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) regarding my lost certificate and how to redeem a new one in return.

I was gracefully advised to lodge a police report and fax it over, to which I did.

The police officer, Azlane was very polite and nice as well. I anticipated that it would be a difficult report to write so I had prepared the story beforehand.Written neatly in a piece of paper for the officer to just copy and paste. I paid MYR2 for the typed copy and voila , had it faxed to the MMC personnel immediately.

All this with Baby Zeeq tagging along. I had tp bribe him with McD’s french fries so he’d stay quiet in the car.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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