A gift of life

“The measure of life is not its duration, but its donation” 
Peter Marshall 

I have had my hesitancies before, regarding pledging as an organ donor. Religion never hindered me. Islam is not against organ donation. I was worried that I would be buried ‘incomplete’. Quite a self-centred reason actually. Not that living people would actually care if my hair looked messed up in the grave anyway. After my own talk the other day on Organ Donation, I was more well informed.Funny, huh?  Hence at 30 years of age, I decided to become an organ donor.

I logged onto the NTR website on New Years day. I registered online. In a few days, I received my card. I made my wishes known to Mr Husband that I would like my corneal tissues and kidneys to be donated once I’m gone. To which he happily acknowledged.

Here is to The Gift Of Life.

donation card



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