Kitchen clean up

I was in the mood to declutter my kitchen today.

I collected all those white takeaway containers in one bag. Then, I put aside this set of white-blue dinnerware and placed it on the table. I am planning to give it to my brother. He just moved into his own humble abode at Salak Tinggi. I’ve also filtered certain tumblers I could give away as a present as they are still new.

It was a very tiring Sunday. I did not have much energy to cook for lunch. Hence, I ordered Mcdonald’s for myself and the kids. Mr Husband is working today. I did cook dinner though – we had white rice, chicken paprik and an omelette. Then, kek batik for dessert.

I still have lots of glass jar bottles to wash before I send them to the recycle centre sometime this Wednesday or Thursday. Next weekend I am thinking of working on the Guest Room.

End of year To Do List

It’s nearing the end of the year 2022. Have been doing some stuff for the past month. This was my TO-DO list. Some of them are in progress.

Deep Clean House

This is akin to Spring Cleaning. Getting on the knees and elbows to clean the nitty gritty stuff like in between the window grill space and all. The air conditioners have not been serviced for quite some time. I will do that early next year. I am thinking of giving away my old china to a thrift shop too since I have not been using it much.

Declutter Media

After my recent panic with Google Images, I feel that this is something I need to do for at least 3 to 5 months. Before this, one of my friends was saying 128GB is a lot of storage but being someone who loves taking photos and videos, 128GB is not that much space. I store my digital images and videos in an external disc for safe-keeping and a reassured mind.

Adjust financial commitments

There are various categories to start with.

  • Commitments – my loans, insurance and monthly payments of anything like kids’ school fees, subscriptions etc
  • Personal – for my groceries, self-rewards, holidays, makan besar and all
  • Study fund – I keep some money aside to pay for my tuition fees. The fees will become higher as I progress in my studies.
  • Tabung Minci – my charity fund for Ramadhan packages, donations, and anything that involves charitable acts
  • Kids savings – I deposit a certain amount of money into their accounts every month
  • Personal Savings – everyone needs an emergency fund

Settle Zakat

We are all familiar with Zakat Pendapatan. This is something I deduct from my paycheck monthly. But there is also a Zakat Wang Simpanan and Zakat Emas. My gold hasn’t reached it’s haul yet but my savings have. So, I need to calculate the amount and pay it every year. I wasn’t aware of this before but it is something I learn with time as I want to fulfil my responsibility as a good Muslim.

Plan Work & Study activities

Work wise it is about slotting in awareness events, courses, meetings and other medical-related activities. Study-wise it is about managing time to do assignments, study and attend e-tutorials.

Evaluate relationships and connections

I would scroll through my friend list on FB and discard any profiles without a picture, inactive or with personalities that suddenly become horrible. I would also remove followers on Instagram that may appear dodgy or bot-like. I’d make a mental note to keep in touch with my very small circle of friends too.

Set blog and Youtube content ideas

I have started drafts for the past few months and scheduled them to be published intermittently to keep this blog alive. As for Youtube, I thought I’d just record whatever I can and think about the core content later. Not the best strategy but this is what happens when you don’t do this full-time.

Survey kid’s venture for the year

Once the daughter completes her second dose of the C19 vaccine, I am going to enrol her in a swimming class. As for my son, he seems to be interested in learning Japanese. And sign language. Once he makes his decision, I’ll find him an online course or a tutor who could come by on the weekends.

Find a skill to focus

Polishing my Mandarin is still at the top of my list. the journey is a bit slow and challenging when you are in this alone but knowing myself, if I want things to happen, I will make them happen. I am also interested to enhance my skills in digital media and photography. I should not be too ambitious though since next year is my final year studying psychology.

Book worm – ulat buku

I hit my target of reading more books this year. I wanted to read more than eight. Much of it is bought from Google Playbooks and of course Shopee. Indonesia apparently has several toko buku that sells reprinted books at a lower price. I’d usually go to them for titles that are difficult to find at a proper bookstore unless I go to Kinokuniya or something. Indonesia is like Litte China. Semuanya ada if you look hard enough. Some of the books I read this year and have completed are;

  • Atomic Habits – it is very clear why it is a best seller. You find it and buy it.
  • Why we eat (too much) – it makes you understand why you get fat and remain fat and why it is so hard to slim down. But having read this, it empowers you to manipulate your body’s metabolism with the knowledge of it
  • Almond by Won Pyun Sohn – this is translated from the Korean language. A book recommended by Kim Namjoon.
  • HOw the paper fish learned to swim – tak payah baca. bosan. pelik.
  • Unfollow the flow by Aiman Azlan
  • Penat by Dr Alizi Alias

Books I am currently reading

  • Range – I initially bought an audio version because I thought I might listen to it during my work commute. But the voice is so boring. I might as well read it out loud and hear my own voice. So I restarted my read and is halfway through
  • The cat who saved books – started this on a bus, ongoing read
  • Perempuan perempuan berbudi dalam Al-Quran – let’s see if this is as what I expect the book will be
  • Creativity.Inc – cause it’s got to do with Pixar
  • Elon Musk – trying to understand how he can become a man s0 powerful yet socially awkward

Books I plan to read

  • Liar yang murung – birsilah bakar
  • Ma OOn – Hasrizal abdul jamil
  • How I learned to understand the world – Hans Rosling

Manny and Sandara on Knowing Bros

I have heard of Manny Pacquiao. I knew he was one of the greatest boxers in the current decade.

I have also heard of Sandara. She is in a girls’ group 2NE1. She still looks like she’s in her 20s when in fact she is approaching 40!

Having watched snippets of this variety show on Youtube, made me want to know more about Manny’s career and his philanthropic activities. The ‘human encyclopedia’ did a great job of piquing the audience’s interest in Manny. Sandara was also an interesting figure as she is South Korean but can speak Tagalog fairly well. Idols from SK are so smart. They learn languages, songs and choreographies very fast. Their intelligence is super high in the artistic domain.