With You –

The noonas goin Jimin-aaahhh, Jimin-aaaahhh

Love the melody but the lyrics are bittersweet. Otherwise, it would have been a great song for weddings.

My heart is beating cause of you

Forever and ever and ever

Only you can take my heart

Our Eid in 2022

Malaysians depend on the kalendar kuda a lot. Eid was anticipated to fall on the 3rd of May this year. However, the formal announcement on television on the night of May 1st confirmed that Eid will be the day after, the 2nd of May. Needless to say, most of the moms panicked. I was calm simply because I had no plans to cook rendang or anything that night. My husband and my son changed into their baju melayu top and headed to the masjid as they prepared to go for their traditional takbir rounds.

Like previous Day 1 of Eid, it’ll be the visit to my MIL’s house first, to eat and perform solat raya. And then, we would go for visits to the usual elders. A few have passed away. Then, we’d usually shoot to where my parents live. Only this year, it’s just dad and my siblings.

The fam at my dad’s house also took their family photo (image below). My brother in law is not in the photo because he is still working. This time around, my little family checked into a hotel at Bangi, Le-Venue Hotel. So, we rested at the hotel first before we went for the Eid dinner at my sister’s place.

The usual Raya dishes for us are the ayam masak merah and daging masak hitam. I am not really a fan of rendang but my husband loves them a lot. My youngest brother brought his girlfriend to come and see us. We can tell that he was pretty smitten with this young lady as he never brought the other girls over to meet us before.

Day 2 Raya: Nice and easy. Had a lunch date with my dad and the other brother at Pak John’s Steamboat and BBQ place. We’ve been here once when I did this review under the butterfly project. I am forever grateful to Tammy for giving me the opportunity to do so even though I don’t have a lot of followers. I’ve kind of lost them when I stopped blogging during Ho-ship. Of course, after 4 years, the price per pax has gone up but it is still okay. I didn’t see any premium selection during our visit this time though. maybe sebab Raya or memang dah takde. The waffles were also not available but we have cendol instead.

Day 3 Raya: An early checkout because we need to arrive Segamat early. It’s my MIL’s side of the family gathering. I’ve always enjoyed the meet-up cause we have games and lucky draw prizes to be won. Almost everyone will most certainly walk out with a gift. Or a very full stomach at least.

The Son won coins worth RM5 in his roll the ball contest. The daughter did not win the colouring contest but like the other contestants, they get to keep the colours for free. Plus, at the end of the day, everyone gets packet money and goodies in a tupperware. I returned to work by Day 4 of Eid and honestly, I felt like a lemau cookie.

Mini Langkawi

At this time of the year, Malaysia is slowly heading towards the endemic phase. This means HCW will be having a headache in the few weeks to come because procedures will change on short notice. This Langkawi trip was planned to coincide with the last week of the school holidays and also after I have submitted my assignments for this semester. I thought it’ll be a good short break until I am at it again for the exams in April.

Langkawi Wildlife Park is probably the only tourist attraction that we enjoy going to from time to time. This is our 3rd visit after the ones in 2018 and 2020. They have removed the virtual thing (thank goodness) and I think the place could do with a better cafe interior. Put some fish or something in the cafe’s main area. Make the place smell of coffee and pastries or whatever that is suitable for the area. With smell, people will come even though they are not hungry.

This is the 2nd part of the Langkawi trip. I think I understand now why Youtubers could churn a lot of videos in a week. It’s because there are lots of footage. They record a lot of content. I find it is easier to edit these videos because I had a lot of clips to put together.

Ramadhan is in April. There are various activities planned for the month. May is Eid and also my husband’s birthday. Maybe another staycation trip during that time.

Stay Alive

When Suga produces music – you need to hear the track with earphones. I mean he has those collections of speakers for a reason. Headphones or earphones capture the different elements in the music better. This is why I am super obsessed with them because I want to listen to the tunes at their best. You could hear what you don’t normally hear using just your ear lobes.

When ARMY said that Stay Alive was fantastic, I knew that listening to it in my car via Bluetooth over the normal car speakers won’t cut it. Indeed, the track is purrfect with headphones.

I haven’t read the webtoon as my time is consumed by other activities. Surely it is already out. It is a webtoon, right? Anyway, when I hear this song I imagined an entity (have no conforming gender or species kind of living being) in the wild forest staring longingly at the moonlight. And that moon is gonna be one helluva gigantic moon sitting behind the silhouette of a mountain. That entity is the one who should stay alive. For very very important reasons.