My cup of hot drink

“Chemically speaking, chocolate really is the world’s perfect food. ” 
― Michael Levine

A cup of hot drink may not help to solve the worlds problems. It does help to sort me out though.

My freshly brewed coffee in the morning kickstarts the rhythm of my day. Would I want it to be a Strong one, a Regular or am I content with a Mild Coffee day especially on Fridays. On special days Id have an aromatic tea – Lady Grey maybe from the Twinnings selection. Or something of a local flavour such as Boh Green Tea or Boh lemon tea.

But nothing beats a cup of hot MILO. Staring into my mug of the malty drink is like looking into an enchanted mirror as I reflect on my days worth and of how I wish for it to be better. I would just stir my little spoon, take a few sips and start stirring again as I replay the days event in my mind.

A hot drink, what a bless.

My father used to buy us the Cadbury chocolate drinks when I was younger. Emulating how the Caucasian people would spend their rainy days indoors, my sister and I would also make ourselves a cup of hot chocolate and read a book. Yah.. as opposed to curling inside a blanket and sleep the rainy day off! Gosh.. I’m such a sucker for rain and romance.

Auw. Love.



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