Neighbours.. everybody needs good neighbours

I have always thought ourselves as the good, non problematic neighbour. Despite our reckless working hours and absences from the house, we still try to be friendly and offer a smile or two when we bump into each other outside the house. At the gate or something.

Recently however I was dismayed at an altercation that happened between Mr Husband and Neighbour C.

You see, our house is a second hand house. We bought it from the previous owner at quite a reasonable price. He said he wanted to sell it because his Homestay Business with the house was not blooming as expected. We suspected nothing sinister and having considered the price and location of the house… we agreed to buy our first home. It was a 5 minute drive to the nearby hospital anyway.

It was only after we discovered the flaws of the house (as usual). It wasn’t terribly horrible but it does burn holes in our pockets if we didn’t know better. A ‘new’ home is not without its problems after all.

We initially had chickens from Neighbour A pooping at our front porch. On a daily basis. Because Neighbour A was a nice man.. we kept mum, renovated the front gate to minimise chicken access to the porch. It worked. We were elated although the chickens still visit once in a while.

And this nice neighbour was also the one who alerted Mr Husband of an attempted break-in by an amateur thief. The culprit only managed to dismantle the grill but failed to walk in. Neighbour A  literally chased him away with a stick.

Then we had a distant Neighbour D who still thinks our home is an abandoned, empty house. This also elderly person seems to enjoy leaving his rubbish in our bin. They were not excessively pungent or anything. They were not cut up human body parts but it just made me wonder, Why our bin?

After a bit of revamp and major dumping of our own rubbish, I think it was evidently clear that this house is occupied.

In the house itself, we were having leaking spots in so many places. Our bedroom, the kitchen. We had to ask the plumber (thank God, a relative) to come by almost every month for the first few months to help us locate and contain the problem. This would have costs us hundreds to fix if it wasn’t for the generous ‘you’re family’ discount he gave us.

So back to Neighbour C. She was mean. Really mean. I was in the house when this happened when she suddenly attacked Mr Husband complaining about the draining/plumbing system of the house. Now now.. this matter has been raised by the neighbour’s husband before very nicely and we have taken measures to rectify the problem. And gave feedback to the husband regarding the problem.. lately however, the area has been raining non stop and we soon realize that the plumbing system was still ‘inadequate’. Water was still leaking. Into the house and I guess, affecting the neighbours house as well.

So Mr Husband decided to fix the problem again. And this lady decided to insult Mr Husband in a foreign language understandable by herself and our uncle, the plumber. Puan, ko cakaplah bahasa space  pun.. kalau kau tangah angin atau mencarut.. body language dah boleh kata pada yang pekak yang kau sedang mengeluarkan kata-kata kesat. 

To me – this is atrocious – especially when you consider living in a place for a very long time. But perhaps they were the type who don’t want to be friends anyway. If only you could see the fort they build for themselves. Really tall and thick. And the netting around it.. as though it can protect themselves from Aedes Aegypti.

Oh. And did I tell you that the one important fact about this area was that it is a Dengue Prone Area? Now that is one thing you don’t tell a potential buyer, yes?

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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