Nobody abandoned the ship but the intentions were there …

Last week I had the opportunity to go for a ‘business trip’ to a nearby district hospital to learn the tricks of the trade of how to obtain the Certificate of Accreditation  (4th edition) like their centre.


This was my first time being in a group made up mostly from those not directly involved in the clinical side of things – in short, orang2 pengurusan. These are people mostly, not all.. with no clinical background, who does not see patients but help to run the hospital from the administrative side of things. And I gained a whole lot of different perspective regarding them especially during our bus ride back home.

The first part of the journey we had the pleasure of Rain and Thunderstorms company. and despite raining cats and dogs, it did not deter the majority of the people in the bus of  wanting to stop by at Ayer Hitam to buy some kerepek and putu bambu. I had no problem with that – after all, this is a once in a month time opportunity. I did not get off the bus on these 2 stops for 3 reasons;

  1. I have a flu and I don’t plan to weather the storm to buy the stuff
  2. Even if I did buy the kerepek and putu bambu, I know I wouldn’t be eating them at home with Mr Husband as he’d probably be asleep already
  3. Even if we didn’t eat the kerepek that night, that same packet of kerepek would still probably stand in my pantry cupboard until next years’ Ramadhan. LOL

After the merriment of purchases and exchanging pantuns in the bus, Trouble decides to kick up a different form of storm. Although other passengers were still chit chatting about their purchase of the day, being the one sat in the outmost front seat, I realized that the headlights and backlights were not working – soon enough all passengers detected a whiff of abnormality in the air and honestly, I felt like running a major case in OT. The adrenaline was pumping high.

“We must get help”

Thank god for having a proactive supervisor in the front row as well – he had already called for backup from the hospital. Its only a matter of a Waiting Game for them to arrive. To me, as long as I am off the bus and out of possible vehicle collision – I can wait for the next hour if I have to. Already, I am expressing syukur for being able to make it safely at home.

It puzzles me however of how people choose to react to the situation;

  • some were starting to point fingers to drivers for not shutting down the vehicle in between stops
  • some were lamenting how long will it take for backup to arrive – I mean if I remember it correctly our backup are drivers who also drives the ambulance – obviously priority would be given to patients who need the services most.
  • some even decided to call their own pals to pick only themselves up – the plan however was not carried out as our transport arrived earlier
  • some were (thankfully) as cool as a cucumber

.. but at least I know who gets to stay on my ship if it remains afloat..

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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