Wake up and smell the room

The deal I made with Mr Husband when we purchased our little home was – I insist on paying off the loan and he can furnish the house however he likes. Of course I help out by accessorizing our home and give it little, cute personal touches.

I love scents. I think it is a very powerful aspect to providing a better home. I love the smell of fried chicken for instance and freshly cooked rice. At times I enjoy the smell of newly washed laundry from the washing machine. But on certain days, especially after a long and stressful day at work – I need a hint of lavender or citrus in the air.

The collection is building – this is the 3rd one I’ve bought over the past 4 years ..

I found a new fragrance at the store recently. Sounds promising and very home-y. I hope it is not disappointing.

Any chance of being revived as an Anesthetist? He he

At my Facebook feed, I see friends swearing on the Essential Oils from a particular ‘Young’ brand. Like how it can be a miracle remedy on top of its early role as aromatherapy. Well.. I don’t know, I have yet to find a review which is not biased (from an agent or downseller) and honest to its bones. As for now – a smell is a smell – a simple yet satisfactory olfactory experience. Let’s just enjoy the pure innocence of it.

Perhaps a recommendation of a particular scent I might enjoy?

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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