Belasungkawa = Condolences

A couple is feeling very sad today. They have been married happily for more than 20 years. They raised 4 wonderful, successful children who grew up to become very useful citizens to the country.

Today one of their daughters passed away having suffered serious injuries from an accident. She went through multiple surgical procedures to save her life but in the end, after nearly one month in hospital –  she succumbed to her condition. She left behind a dear husband and her loving parents.

And just a year ago these loving parents also lost their son to an accident. Him, leaving behind a wife, his children and yes, his loving parents.

“It’s very sad. To see your children, both of your children go before you”, Mr Husband said, “I would be very sad.Very sad” He looked at Ee and pat his head.

This couple is family. It’s heartbreaking to see them g oing through this very difficult test. Especially at this age – like my parents age,  to lose both of their adult children within such a short interval. Anak tetap anak no matter how old they are.




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